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Zoom integrates Crypto Payments to help small businesses and entrepreneurs

Zoom integrates cryptocurrency

“Zoom SmartSessions allow instructors, therapists and any service provider to socially distribute and manage registration, payments, and access to their services offered via Zoom,” thanks to the 2key SmartSessions app integrated into Zoom.

SmartSessions will integrate smart contracts seamlessly into Zoom sessions so that only those who have paid for the session are able to join. 

Although the payment is in crypto, users can purchase the crypto with the credit card directly.

No more invoicing and collection hassle, receive payments in Fiat

Because individuals are required to pay the ‘entry/ticket’ before entering the session, the host is able to cash and not have to send invoices or make collection efforts. Everything is effortlessly integrated into the Zoom platform and the payments land directly into the host’s wallet.

Host does not pay any cost to set up a session on 2key SmartSessions, not even gas fee although the technology uses Ethereum, according to the company website.

“The funds you collect in ETH are stored straight on your Metamask, Ledger, or 2key crypto-wallet. Exchange them at will for fiat currencies, or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or DAI,” explains the service page.

The company plans to introduce other crypto payment options like Dai, Tether, Bitcoin, etc.,

Self managed to facilitate small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs

The integration of the 2key SmartSessions with Zoom is quite seamless. You can watch the below video to see how this can be accomplished.

Creating a ZOOM SmartSession Campaign on 2key Network

ZOOM is a cloud-based service that offers Meetings and Webinars and provides content sharing and video conferencing capability. #COVID19 caused all of us to …

This easy integration helps small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs to set up a web-session and collect the ticket fees without a lot of technical know-how.

More features in the pipeline

2key hopes to introduce more features on to the platform including:

Embeddable pay-to-enter button, that you can use on your website so that people can register directly through your website.  

More cryptos coming: the company intends to add more cryptocurrency payment options including Dai and Bitcoin in the near future.

Sell video recordings: Not only you can create a paywall for live sessions, you can sell recorded video sessions directly on the platform.  When you host your video courses on other platforms – you lose a big cut in fees, if 2key continues the same philosophy the fees may be very minimal or non-existent. This is a big deal for those who rely on video courses and similar video products.

Pay-per-time:  This could be a handy feature for therapists, entertainers and many similar professionals.  

All in all, 2key SmartSessions promises to be a great addition to Zoom that seems to have lost a bit of credibility recently due to video bombing issues. Video bombing will not be an issue on 2key SmartSessions due to paywall.

Timely solution arrived at the right time

World will be completely different post COVID. We will not look at the travel and in-person meetings the same again.  At least for a long time.

In the midst of this crisis and the tectonic shift in the way we need to conduct business now and in future, we believe this integration of crypto payments into Zoom sessions is a great move and will contribute to the overall adoption of the crypto sphere.

Mass adoption will not come through one solution or one platform. Similar to how credit cards came to being, we will have many different businesses using crypto in different ways that will all come together to build the crypto ecosystem.  

2key SmartSessions is going to be part of that ecosystem.

We are glad to see this tool and we hope it will help the small businesses and entrepreneurs now and future.

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