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YouTube’s ban of London Real is a strong case for decentralized media

YouTube's ban of London Real

YouTube has banned a live stream interview hosted by London Real channel, according to a vlog by Brian Rose, the founder.

Irony:  The livestream in question was talking about how the COVID19 will be used as a cover to take away our basic rights such as ‘right to speech’ and ‘right to press’.

The live stream in question titled “THE CORONAVIRUS CONSPIRACY: HOW COVID-19 WILL SEIZE YOUR RIGHTS & DESTROY OUR ECONOMY,” with David Icke, might have been little over the top for many mainstream viewers and may even be distanced from reality according to some.  Some even call David Icke a ‘fear monger’’.   

We do not know if David Icke is onto something or is on something.  This is what we know:  Brian Rose and David Icke both had the right to speech and right to press to express their views and opinions.  That should not be up for debate.

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This ability to ‘censor’ anyone that doesn’t fit the mainstream rhetoric is quite concerning and is a strong case for decentralized media.

Let’s see the community guidelines of YouTube:

  • Nudity or S*xual content: as far as we know – there was none in this ‘live stream’
  • Harmful or dangerous content: we don’t think so
  • Hateful content: it does not ‘promote or condone’ violence
  • Violent or graphic content: for god’s sake
  • Harassment and cyber bullying: no hint of this
  • Spam, misleading metadata, and scams:  a viewpoint was discussed
  • Threats: not applicable
  • Copyright: not violated
  • Privacy: whose?
  • Impersonation: unlikely
  • Child safety: no
  • Additional Policies: none apply

Again, let us be very clear.  We do not follow London Real nor did we watch David Icke’s interview. The point is, as long as they did not violate the above guidelines (and in our opinion they have not), they should have had the right to voice their opinions.

Funny enough, the video was taken down because of a complaint from BBC.  According to Brian Rose’s vlog post – there is some bad blood between BBC and his media. 

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Is Blockchain based Decentralized media the answer?

blockchain-mediaYes and no.

Yes, because it can help keep our basic rights like right to speech and right to press.

No, because we still have lot of stupid people in the world.  What happens if someone posts something that is offensive, illegal, violent, instigating, disgusting etc.,?  What happens when you cannot delete such posts?

Answer is in a blockchain based democratized decentralized media model.

Let me explain what a democratized decentralized model means:  General public should be able to vote for the voices they trust to be in control of the platform. 

Right now, such representation is lacking.  

Big companies make decisions that appease the political scene, and can easily stomp on the rights of the general public. A democratized decentralized model can help address this issue.

A completely decentralized model where no one can ‘delete’ the videos pose an opposite problem – any illegal post that cannot be deleted from the platform could render the entire platform ‘illegal’.  

We have to find a balance between unquestioned censorship and unchecked freedom to protect our basic rights.

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Thank you for reading and sharing this article. Stay safe and healthy!


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