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Why we do not support nor invest in Ripple



DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is an opinion.  This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone.  Since this is an opinion, it is entitled to be completely false. Ripple is top 3 cryptocurrency on the coinmarketcap as of this writing.  It has made a brief victory lap at number 2 at the end of 2017.  Invest in Ripple has also made a lot of people lot of money, even multi-millionaires.

Then why did we start this article’s title stating outright that we do not support Ripple.  Some might say we are sour for missing out the boat and some might say we are naive, both of which might be true, depending on who you ask.

For the very reason of being called out as jealous or naive or to avoid being attacked, we are going to place an additional disclaimer here.  This article is stitched together to be an opinion piece to welcome dialog rather than debate. What this means is, whether you agree or disagree with us, you are welcome to share your thoughts to ADD to this piece rather than to start a debate or crypto-war.

This article is stitched together to be an opinion piece to welcome dialog rather than debate.  

Having that out of the way, we will navigate this article under the below subject lines.

  • Emotional
    • Bankers greed, rehashed
    • Where art thou Privacy?
    • Media, in the pockets
  • Practical
    • Is XRP required?
    • Adoption and penetration
    • Fiat friendly
  • Crypto-technological
    • It’s not blockchain
    • It’s not innovative
    • It’s not crypto
    • It’s not decentralized
  • Why it may win?
    • Purported bitcoin contender
    • Superfast transactions
    • Active marketing team and social presence
    • Partnerships with financial institutions
  • Why it may lose?
  • Conclusion

Emotional:  Many crypto fans get emotional whenever the topic of Ripple comes along.  Lot of them had an opportunity to invest in Ripple when it was trading at .000 something.  Many individuals, like us, resisted the temptation because they understood what Ripple represents and stands for.

They were burned, brutally.

This added fuel to the fire.   Already scarred crypto public got even more pissed off because of how big and ugly Ripple was getting to be, same as rest of financial institutions space.  The very core of crypto revolution has been shaken up (and still continues to be) with the way Ripple has penetrated the market.  There are few more reasons that add to the resentment of crypto loyals.


  • Bankers greed, rehashed: Everything that happens in the technological space happens fast, however, fast in this context could be anything that happens in a decade or so.  It took more than few years for Blockbuster to be completely busted by NetFlix.

Bankers are slowly realizing that blockchain technology is here and will not go away.  Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will not go away in spite of FUD they garner on the mainstream media.

Ripple is giving a way for bankers to ‘participate’ in this new technological revolution without ever touching or sniffing the blockchain or cryptocurrencies. In that regard, Ripple in our opinion is giving ammunition to big financial institutions to undermine blockchain technology and crypto currency space.

Ripple in our opinion is giving ammunition to big financial institutions to undermine blockchain technology and crypto currency space.

It became evident how low Ripple will stoop to when the news of it trying to ‘bribe’ Coinbase and Gemini exchanges came to limelight.  This is a warning sign of what happens when a centralized entity gets its hands on too much money and power.

It became evident how low Ripple will stoop to when the news of it trying to ‘bribe’ Coinbase and Gemini exchanges came to limelight. 

In our view, Ripple can empower greedy financial institutions to circumvent the full brunt of blockchain revolution and manipulate the crypto space and its technological advancements with the sheer power of money they sit on.  For this very reason, and keeping the spirit in which crypto space came to be, we are not big fans of Ripple.

  • Where art thou Privacy?

Ripple has settled with the Department of Justice to a fine of $700,000 and to cooperate in releasing the details of its customer base. You don’t trust us?  Make whatever you want to of this statement lifted directly from the Department of Justice’s portal

“Further, the remedial framework calls for external audits through the year 2020, enhancements to the Ripple protocol, increased transaction monitoring and an extensive review of historical activity.”

Mind you, we never recommend evasion of taxes or being involved in anything that is illegal.  We ourselves disclose and declare all our holdings to the respective tax authorities and encourage you to do the same

Crypto space provides ‘privacy’ as a choice (not as a means to evade) which is one of its key propositions and very fact that Ripple seems to have lost this along the way, at least in our interpretation, our conviction of staying away from Ripple becomes stronger.

  • Media, in the pockets

This one will be a complete ‘hunch’ based claim rather than a documented proof based one.  Unless of course, you follow mainstream media.

‘Bitcoin is a villain until CBOE enters the market.’

‘Bitcoin is very volatile until Goldman Sachs and NASDAQ create their own versions of cryptocurrency exchanges.’

‘Bitcoin is used for illegal activities and is criminal’s currency until futures are announced’.

Bitcoin this and bitcoin that, we have heard so much news (aka FUD) in the mainstream.

What you will fail to find on any mainstream media is comparatively negativity about Ripple.

No media pundits asked Ripple, “You are not a blockchain company and what you offer is nothing more than a SaaS, then why are you pretending to be a crypto and who gave you the right to create money out of thin air?”.

If this so-called media was unbiased, why would they throw shit at the king of all cryptos which started a revolution while never mentioning much negative about a non-blockchain based cryptocurrency.

Think for yourself.

  • Practical: Keeping our biased sentiment aside, even the practical aspects of Ripple fail to garner our interest. Below are few of our views in this respect.
  •  Is XRP required?

Ripple and its non-blockchain based technology may actually help financial institutions  figure out a way to circumvent the hurdles of international money transfers.

Ripple’s extensive partnerships, however, do not translate to use of XRP (Ripple’s native currency).

Ripple Labs doesn’t need to use XRP in its three products: xRapid, xVia and xCurrent offerings.  In fact, its own CEO says “The Interledger protocol that we use, connects perfectly well to any blockchain and any asset, it doesn’t only work with XRP, it’s very open.”

Institutions are still free to use fiat or any other form of exchange of value. The use of Ripple by its own creators, Ripple Labs, is at its infancy and most public announcements allude to the fact that XRP can be used but is not required.

  • Adoption and penetration

For Ripple to succeed, in spite of its existing boasted partnerships, it will need to beat SWIFT that has over 11,000 existing banking relationships.

Why would an existing business that has been operational for decades watch passively while a newbie takes over its bread and butter?

Beats us.

Big financial institutions will not exhibit loyalty and if SWIFT (or other platform) gives them an actual blockchain technology-based support and offers more than what Ripple can, they will jump the ship in a heartbeat.

Some might say that this same argument can be made for everything that is introduced on the blockchain.  Not quite.  What other projects on blockchain have and Ripple doesn’t is: blockchain and loyal crypto followers.

Also, some businesses do not need a blockchain disruption.  For example:

A business like facebook can be completely eliminated by a blockchain based social system that promises privacy, security for their data and reward for user content.  On the other hand, a video streaming service like NetFlix may never be replaced by this technology due to what NetFlix offers in entertainment space.

We are still trying to find strong reasons as to why SWIFT will sit on the sidelines while their business comes under attack by Ripple, OR, what stops from big financial institutions with fractional lending on their side from creating their own blockchain, OR, using Ripple as a SaaS model while they continue to use Fiat?

In each of these scenarios, in spite of adoption of the technology offered by Ripple Labs, Ripple currency itself sees no value.

Thoughts are welcome.

  • Fiat friendly

21 Trillion is missing from the Department of Defense’s books.

Read that line again.

It is a Trillion with a T, not a Billion (Billion is also a massive big deal).  21 Trillion dollars of unaccounted adjustment.  Only made possible because of current fiat system.

If these records were on blockchain platform, even a private one (for security purposes), this could have been almost entirely impossible.

Every single dollar (or dollar equivalent) would have been brought to account.

When every single penny is accounted for and is open for public to audit, can you imagine having a 21 TRILLION dollars surprise?

Blockchain technology may not be a panacea but it is definitely a massive solution to avoid this kind of issue from cropping up and even when they do, an easy detection.

Now, if Ripple is facilitating existing fiat system without disrupting it, is it truly what we need?

21 Trillion dollars!!!  Honestly, do we need another technological solution that enables the current broken fiat system or do we need a blockchain revolutionary solution?

  • Crypto-technological: Most of the people that know the origin of Bitcoin may remember the very reason why Bitcoin came into existence. 2009 Crash of the financial market.   The need for revamping the existing financial systems came about from the despair of the financial crash. Bitcoin’s emergence sprung from the 2009 crash which was (and proven to be so) due to the greed of big financial institutions.

 They were the ones that actually benefited from the misery of millions of individuals that were victims of the financial crisis, in the form of bailouts post-crash.  Keeping these basic issues aside, below are few points why we think Ripple deserves no place in the crypto revolution.

 It’s not blockchain

Contrary to being listed on coinmarketcap and being a contestant in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Ripple is not a blockchain in traditional sense.

In our view, it is nothing but a distributed ledger information sharing platform that is offered as a SaaS to big financial institutions.  In other words, Ripple’s adoption makes existing broken and crooked financial system faster.

Ripple’s adoption makes existing broken and crooked financial system faster.

The above example about how a revamp of existing financial system is the need of the hour is not answered by Ripple’s offering.

  • It’s not innovative

A private shared ledger is no more innovative than a shared excel workbook.  Google drive does a better job in sharing information, if that was really the plague that haunts current financial system.

We all know, that is not the problem.  Problem is centralization, lack of transparency and too much control vested in few hands.

Ripple doesn’t change any of the existing issues. None.

What it does is remove the hurdle of ‘time and cost constraint’ for big players.  Not a big innovation in our view.

If you say that Ripple solves the problem of liquidity and instant transfers, you should learn about (a Pay Pal company now).  They offer instant transfers (even on a non-workday) for verified customers.  They operate within the realms of existing financial system and do much more than facilitating money transfers.

Why do we need the ‘cover’ of cryptocurrency for a system that is already being helped by a company like Xoom?

  • It’s not crypto

Ripple is not a crypto in true sense in our view because:

  • It is not private
  • It is not anonymous
  • It is not based on blockchain
  • It is not mineable
  • It is not TRULY limited
  • It is not controlled by public (or voting)
  • It is not required to use services on the Ripple’s platform

Although, it might sound like this is an anti-Ripple article, we assure you, it is not.  If you have legitimate reasons that can change the opinions expressed in this article, feel free to share them with us.  Given the infancy at which crypto space is at, we all can learn from each other.

  • It’s not decentralized

Ripple owns about 60% of its total supply.  This is anything but decentralization that crypto has emerged to be. We can go on and on about why decentralization is important for crypto space but intelligent patrons know better.

  • Why it may win?

A wild card scenario maybe SWIFT and Ripple partner to join forces with major financial institutions.  If that happens, there will be no stopping of Ripple.

Ripple may be adopted by world’s major banks and the XRP used as an actual means of exchanging/transfer of value across the borders.  This too will contribute to a major victory for Ripple.  Ripple has already shown the signs of being on the road to wide-spread adoption, more than most other projects on the crypto space.

Also remember, most of the world population (more than 97+%) is not invested in the crypto space and if Ripple can translate the benefits of blockchain without ever starting a blockchain and helping big financial institutions to offer the benefits of a blockchain enabled world through its distributed ledger framework, then it may actually wipe most of the crypto coin projects from the face of the crypto space.

Here are more reasons that might contribute to Ripple’s success.

  • Purported bitcoin contender

Many have speculated that Ripple with its lightning fast transactions and almost negligent transaction cost will soon take over and replace Bitcoin.

  • Superfast transactions

Ripple actually has one of the fastest transaction speeds.  Not the fastest but definitely in the fastest list.  However, we contend that since it is not a blockchain based currency, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why they might have fastest transaction speed.

  • Active marketing team and social presence

Just go to google or YouTube and search for Ripple.  It is likely that you will find inexhaustible number of articles and videos, respectively.

Whether this information is based on real value or perceived value because Ripple has made many individuals truly wealthy and thus has secured a loyal fan base, the sheer amount of social traction that Ripple has is enough to propel it to new heights.

  • Partnerships with financial institutions

We have stated this before but the partnerships with big names that Ripple has established is one of the reasons why Ripple captures lot of mainstream media’s attention.

Aspects like appearances on CNBC, 50+ Billion dollars at its disposal, capability to expand its team and connections and fact that Ripple is doing everything in its power to be the dominant player in the crypto space, who knows, it might even succeed in its mission.

Why it may lose?

If the financial institutions crumble under the weight of innovation of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralization, then inevitably, Ripple that depends so heavily on the adoption by big financial institutions will go down with them.

Expect a major fight from these financial institutions that have been enjoying ripping people off with fees, oligarchical control over the financial health of the world and playing with the lives of ‘common men’ across the world.

Bank of America has already announced a digital coin of sorts.  If big financial institutions adopt to the changes and participate in this blockchain revolution (and succeed) then Ripple may play a part and succeed with them.  Even then SWIFT with its gigantic network is not going to let a new kid on the block destroy them.

A major collapse of current financial system model, a blow back from SWIFT, financial institutions adopting ACTUAL blockchain technologies or developing their own system, crypto-fans retaliation and the fact that there is not an actual use case for XRP itself in the Ripple ecosystem, any of these reasons in isolation or in combination can bring value of XRP crumbling to the ground.

OR at least that is the logical thing to happen.

However, we all know, crypto space is anything but logical.  So unfortunately, we along with others have to wait and see what happens of Ripple.

While writing this article, Goldman Sachs announced that they will start their own cryptocurrency backed by USD.  With its existing connections and sheer business volume, projects like these can prove to be a big blow to the projects like Ripple.

If Ripple fails, it will bring the whole crypto market, although temporarily, crumbling down.  This is another undesired outcome when a project like Ripple grows bigger than it should be.


You might say, what Ripple is trying to solve doesn’t actually need a blockchain technology and that all this rambling is in vain.  You may be right.  But we do ask you to show us a software company or for that matter any other company (other than financial institutions) that were able to ‘print’ money out of nowhere?   Show us a company that raised money from public with 60+% control on all of its assets and option to release a billion shares per month (at today’s value, about 680 million dollars) at its own whim?

If you operate in blockchain and crypto currency space, we have every right to expect you to be playing in the spirit of crypto space.

While the case can be made for any number of possible outcomes, we at CryptoTapas (and QRIP) are firm in our position, we will not invest in Ripple nor will we recommend it.  We might be utterly wrong at this position and that is ok.  As Buffet taught us “we win some, we lose some” and we would rather win with some truly world changing ideas, which we do not believe Ripple qualifies for, in our opinion.

CryptoTapas is an initiative of creators of QRIP group.  QRIP group is FREE to join.

Do your own research before investing. Crypto space is very volatile, don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.  Opinion, not an advice.

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6 Massive Benefits of Cryptocurrency



Benefits of Cryptocurrency

It is normal to be hesitant about using cryptocurrency as the medium of financial transactions. 

There is a school of thought which believes, it is a domain suitable for criminals, fraudsters, and terrorists. Cryptocurrencies allow them to maintain anonymity for discreet transactions and ransomware scams.

However, the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin as a digital currency has initiated a positive perspective around this mode. It brings a distinct set of pros for the users, making them overlook the risks tag along.

According to the Finder, a post on social media surfaces about Bitcoin every three seconds. If we do the math, it means 1203 posts pop up per hour, making it to 20 posts per minute.

A more general view on the crypto landscape speaks of its overall growth, too. Block Social tells us how cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe have exceeded 300 during 2020.

In fact, the success of crypto shows us the loopholes of the traditional banking system. If you, too, want to leap on this bandwagon and aren’t sure about your next move, this is the right place. Our blog sheds light on the positive aspects of cryptocurrency that make it a more established form of financial trade. 


1. Easy transactions

When dealing with brokers or legal representatives, you have to pay the transaction fee from time to time. This comes along with immense paperwork, commission, brokerage charges, and so much more. Using cryptocurrency eliminates the need for a middle man. The transaction changes into a one-to-one affair taking place on a secure network.

No wonder Forbes stated that adopting blockchain technology can save financial organizations around $12 billion yearly. A deduction of extra charges from third parties and reduced operations cost is saving millions for huge organizations.

Moreover, the transactions are transparent, making it easier for you to establish audit trials. There is no more confusion over who pays whom. All parties involved in the transaction know each other quite well. Accountability on each party grows.

2. Asset transfers

A financial analyst rightfully describes cryptocurrency blockchain to be a “large property rights database.” On the one hand, it helps execute and enforce two-party contracts on commodities such as real estate and automobiles. At the same time, it also facilitates special modes of transfer. 

As per Born2Invest, Bitcoin alone is responsible for an average of 350 000 daily transactions on the Blockchain. Meanwhile, Coinbase has 30 million cryptocurrency users (Block Social). The increasing figures of each crypto speak of its acceptance worldwide.

The parties involved in asset transfer can design contracts and add third-party approvals at a later date. It also helps to reference the external facts and gives the parties exclusive governance of their account. It reduces the time and money involved in asset transfers. Perhaps this is why US federal government spending on Blockchain shall reach $123.5 million by 2022.

3. Confidential transactions

Cryptocurrency purchases remain discreet. Unless a user voluntarily publishes his transactions, the purchase is never associated with their identity. In official scenarios, such as when you put your cars for sale, the parties must reveal an association with their cryptocurrencies. It helps to establish trust and relevance.

Within the cash/credit system, your entire transaction history turns into a reference document for the banks/credit agencies involved. On the contrary, cryptocurrency is a transaction that is a unique exchange between two parties. They can negotiate and agree on preferable terms. The information exchange takes place on the “push” basis. This means you transmit only that which you wish to send to the recipient and nothing else.

It keeps your financial history secure and guards you against identity theft. Chances of which are quite high under the traditional transaction system. 

On top of this, the combination of Blockchain with IoT is considered revolutionary by the experts. This has accelerated data exchange, lowering the operation costs, and improved the security of files. Your Tech Diet predicted that 75% of the IoT industry would adopt Blockchain technology by the end of 2020. Lack of exposure is, thus, something the entire industry is looking for.

4. Transaction Fee

You have probably faced hefty monthly account statements from your bank/credit companies. The transaction fee charged at every transaction you have made might leave you shocked. The whopping fee of multiple transactions can take you by surprise at the end of each month.

In the case of cryptocurrency exchange, the data miners receive their share from the cryptocurrency network involved. Transaction fee does not apply as the remote and separate computer systems that do the number-crunching get a pretty fair share. 

According to Investopedia, the Bitcoin reward for miners halves for every 210 000 blocks added to the chain. Nonetheless, this system has freed the transaction parties to pay the fee, making it the most feasible. 

However, there might be some external fee involved if you engage a third-party management service to maintain the crypto wallet. These charges are likely to be quite less than the transaction charges levied by the traditional banking system. 

5. Hold Ownership

The traditional banking system works in a manner where the amount goes to the nominee if a person passes away. The chances of the account closing are quite high when you infringe the terms of their services. Unlike this framework, digital currencies give you the sole ownership of private and public encryption keys. This makes it easier for you to identify the encryption network.

6. High security

Once a party authorizes the cryptocurrency transfer, they cannot reverse it. This is not the case in “charge-back” transactions allowed by the credit companies. Cryptocurrency gives you reliable encryption throughout the transaction process to keep it protected from bugs and malicious entities.

Systems like Binance Smart Chain are enabling people to do more with BTC.

Final Thoughts 

Cryptocurrency is taking the financial world by storm, and we know the reasons why. It is about time you kickstart your digital finances journey and make the most out of it. Who knows what surprises are about to come later in this landscape!

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and healthy!

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 2020


Everything in this article is an opinion, not an advice of any kind. This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, investment, legal or other professional advice. Please consult with a professional for specific advice.

We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the information and claims made.

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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Cardano or PolkaDot? Which One to Invest In?



Cardano vs Polkadot

There is a new battle in the crypto space.  Cardano (ADA) and PolkaDot (DOT) maximalists are headbutting as to which project is better and why.

The conversations are intense to say the least and we will try to provide our view on which one we are leaning toward and the reasons why, in this rather short article.

Just to be clear, we are invested in both ADA and DOT so we have a vested interest in both projects, however, we are now asked to pick one over the other and that brings us to this article.


The whole spirit of cryptocurrencies is the concept of decentralization, however, some of the more popular projects don’t seem to have a grasp of what that means.

Diem (previously Libra) or XRP etc., are controlled by a group for validators who could, in theory, easily collude, in our view.

With DOT, things are not as centralized as some other projects with about 1000 validators securing the platform.

However, ADA has the most number of nodes and has most of its circulating supply staked on its wallet. The community behind ADA has biggest proponents of decentralized frameworks.

ADA: 8 (top 10 is reserved for BTC)

DOT: 6


Cardano boasts the maximum number of Ph.Ds on its team and has a more decentralized team structure.  You have teams that are working exclusively on wallet and staking while you have other teams focusing on interoperability. Yet, another team is focused on bridging projects from Ethereum to Cardano.

DOT has the ammunition of Gavin behind it. He is undoubtedly one of the brilliant minds in the space. 

However, as we learned in basic math, sum total is always greater than an individual unit.  This applies more aptly with these projects. In our opinion, Cardano has a greater edge when it comes to collective human capital.

Having Charles Hoskinson helps ADAs impression.

ADA: 8

DOT: 6

Social presence

There is no competition when it comes to social presence and engaging the community when it comes to the leaders of these two projects.

While DOT’s founder Gavin might come out as eccentric and polished in the social media, Charles takes the cake in engaging with his audience and making things sensible for the community.

ADA: 9 

DOT: 7

On a mission

Whenever you hear Charles speak about ADA you will immediately understand that he is on a mission to bring the marvels of blockchain enabled financial services to all corners of the world.

Cardano’s team is now focused on the South Africa continent to bring the under-previleged onto the world commerce through their platform. They are even close to signing a contract with Ethiopia government in 2021.

While DOT is catapulting the entire space forward it just lacks the same charm that comes with a project on a grandiose mission.

ADA: 8

DOT: 6 

Miscellaneous considerations 

Market cap: ADA has $20 Billion market cap while DOT has $19 Billion, as such they are on par with each other when it comes to valuation. The large cap is a stamp of approval from the crypto community.

Price: ADA is at around 60 cents while DOT has been stabilising at $20 at the time of this writing. When the newbies come to the market and they see they cannot afford Bitcoin or Ethereum, they will most likely go after the projects that are under $1. This does not mean DOT is inferior, it is just an edge that low priced tokens have over higher priced projects. It’s just a newbie mindset that drives higher demand during bull runs to lower priced projects.

Inflationary supply

DOT has an inflationary supply model while ADAs supply is capped.

Yes, DOTs supply is far larger than DOT, however, there is no new minting on ADA when compared to DOT.


DOTs technology is operational and is onboarding projects already.  ADA is scheduled to launch its mainnet this month (Feb 2021). ADA has been in works for many years now and if their product matches the hype and the wait – then it may not matter as much that they are late to the party. However, if there are issues with their mainnet – it may not bode well for ADA.

Conclusion: Total score

ADA: 33

DOT: 25

If you are a DOT fan you might think this score is skewed.   If you are an ADA fan you might think it should score perfect points in all fronts.

In fact, there are some areas where DOT is a clear winner like having a functioning platform. ADA, in our opinion, takes the prize with clear fandom, gigantic mission and a total brainiac project. 

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and healthy!

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 2020


Everything in this article is an opinion, not an advice of any kind. This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, investment, legal or other professional advice. Please consult with a professional for specific advice.

We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the information and claims made.

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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Best of the Best YouTube Channels to Follow for your Crypto Fix



Best Crypto Youtubers

There are literally 100s of crypto-experts on YouTube who claim to have cracked the secret code that can make you millions in crypto riches. 

Who should you follow?  

We have followed many YouTubers, subscribing and unsubscribing to avoid the noise and after having been in this space for over 4 years, we have narrowed our favorite crypto YouTube channels to just a few.

In this article, we will show you our favorite YouTubers and what we like about each one of them. 

Overall number 1: Coin Bureau

coin bureau When it comes to deep analysis, composed demeanor and outright professional crypto channel in the entire space, we have not come across anyone better than Guy.  

Not only is he great at the reviews and in depth analysis, if you have followed the channel long enough you will realize that he reviews the gems long before others pick on the momentum.  

He picks solid projects, never shills a shitty project to his followers and is upfront about his views which he backs up with solid research.

This is the best no-shill and no bull crypto channel on YouTube in our view.

Best original content: Chico Crypto

chico crypto review

If you love a bit of quirky, goofy and somewhat out there viewpoints on the crypto space then there is no one better than Tyler at Chico Crypto. 

His investigation stretches the boundaries of research (and sometimes common sense) but he does do a bang up job on every video.  

I am yet to come across a boring video on this channel.  I will admit that his live streams can be a drag sometimes but his followers seem to relish his presence.

You may not like or agree with what Tyler presents on this channel but you will absolutely be floored by the originality.   

Best TA: TIED: Crypto Capital Venture & Tyler S

                         Crypto Capital Venture Tyler S crypto

With under 90K subscribers at the time of this writing, Dan may not be the most popular of the Crypto channels [yet] but his TA analysis is just so easy to follow.

Dan makes it easy for non-technical folks to understand what’s going on in the market in the language of TA.

There are other folks on YouTube who are good at TA but their videos are so obnoxious that they leave you with a massive headache.  

Not Dan’s Crypto Capital Venture channel.   Dan walks you through the markets in such a calm, composed and professional manner that you might start caring about those candles.

We are forced to share the Best Title for crypto TA on YouTube with Tyler S. 

Tyler’s expertise on TAs is quite awesome and he has a funny way of delivering it too.  

Best expertise on the markets: Alessio Rastani

Allesio RastaniIt doesn’t matter if you are just lurking around the crypto markets or if you trade in the traditional markets…Alessio is one of the best guys on YouTube for great insights into the broad market and its impact on Crypto.

While everyone on YouTube (not the people on this list, of course) is either quick to FOMO or FUD, Alessio is just grounded in fundamentals and technicals.

When you are high on FOMO, he can bring you to the ground.

When you are getting buried in FUD, he can lift you up with facts, not false hopium.

Alessio is personable, professional and an honest guy to follow to understand the markets ahead of others.

Best round up of the market: AltCoin Daily

Altcoin DailyWant to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the crypto space but don’t have time to keep up?  

Fear not. AltCoin Daily got you covered.

This channel is just a gem among the channels that bring crypto market updates in a concise and palatable format.

You can sense the dedication in the way Austin brings the updates and his opinions in front of his audience. No wonder the channel has recently hit over 420K subscribers.

Best humble and honest take: Crazy 4 Cryptos

Crazy 4 crypto

What does Crypto mean to you?

Most people will say ‘Freedom’, yet, most of the YouTubers we see on the Tube will be broadcasting from their bedrooms or backyards (nothing wrong with that) but not Dave.

He has been in Thailand and streams his videos directly from the beach.

You will immediately connect with his simpleton style and honest reviews.  

He has been touting about Theta when it was trading in cents and now those who followed him are very happy.

Besides Theta, Dave talks about a lot of topics in terms of storing your coins, being careful with people and how to have a long-term plan in space.

Honorable mentions

Team Underground (TA)

We had too many channels to weed out for the TA category and that is why we had to pick two winners, however, Team Underground is a channel we cannot skip.

This underdog channel has been more right about the calls than any other mainstream channel. If you like your TAs and technical side of crypto – be sure to check this channel out.


People either love him or hate him.  There is no middle ground when it comes to BitBoy.  

Personally, we have to weed out a lot of noise while browsing through his channel since he picks a new project every few days (or weeks) and can become overwhelming. 

However, the fresh content is worth the watch.


The guy behind this channel is truly vested in the space. So much so that he recently launched his own crypto project.

It’s definitely refreshing to see the YouTuber taking his expertise into a live project.  

The reason we did not list this channel on the BEST list is because of the constant feed of projects he pitches that is a bit overbearing for our taste.  

Nevertheless, a great channel and great recommendations.


There are 100s of YouTube channels out there but not everyone is worth your attention. We hope you found some channels of interest through this article.

Note: if we missed any gem of a channel, please let us know and we will be more than happy to add it after review.

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