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1. Bitcoin

There’s Something Very Strange Going On With Bitcoin Exchange LocalBitcoinsbitcoin
Bitcoin exchange LocalBitcoins, often used as a gauge of bitcoin interest and prices around the world, has suddenly begun suspending long-time users’ accounts without warning.

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2. Ethereum

Will Ethereum Updates on New Year’s Cause ETH Havoc?Ethereum ETH ETF
Mercator has not seen a mathematical proof validated by multiple mathematicians that this problem has been, or can be, solved until quantum communications become practical. But Ethereum 2.0 will roll out in phases in an attempt to prove it has what it takes.
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3. Ripple

Ripple latest updatesXRP Analyst Suggests IPO Could Be Game-Changing for Ripple: Here’s How
This week, Brad Garlinghouse — chief executive of Ripple Labs in San Francisco — made a massive announcement at a Wall Street Journal event in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum.

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4. Bitcoin Cash

bitcoin cash latest updatesCritics blast Bitcoin Cash mining tax as a ‘hostile takeover’
Bitcoin Cash supporters fear a recently proposed mining tax will lead to “centralized corruption,” and ultimately, the death of BCH.

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5. Bitcoin SV

bitcoin sv latest updatesWhat influenced the Bitcoin SV price surge?
Bitcoin SV has experienced some momentous gains in recent weeks – here’s why

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6. Tether

 Tether latest updatesTether Gold (XAU₮) Launch Meets Growing Demand for Digital Exposure to World’s Most Enduring Asset
We are pleased to announce the addition of a new product*, Tether Gold (XAU₮), providing the security of a digital asset pegged to physical gold (XAU).

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7. Litecoin

Litecoin latest updatesCharlie Lee proposes its Miners to voluntarily donate 1% for development of Litecoin
I think a better way to fund development is mining pools voluntarily donate a portion of the block reward. How about Litecoin pools donate 1% (0.125 LTC) of block rewards to the @LTCFoundation  If every miner/pool does this, it amounts to about $1.5MM donation per year!

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8. EOS

Eos latest updatesThe Ultra Blockchain Network is Built for The Video Game Industry
Ultra is a blockchain-powered video game ecosystem which provides players, game developers, and influencers with unique and innovative tools and functionalities. Put simply, we’re building a blockchain for the video game industry.

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9. Binance

binance logoBinance Launches Global Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Merchant Program
Binance, the leading global cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain ecosystem, today announced the launch of its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Merchant Program. Binance global P2P merchants can earn revenue by providing fiat currency payment solutions and enjoy zero transaction fees as well as professional service support from Binance.

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10. Stellar

stellar latest updatesStellarGuard and Layered Security with Paul Selden
Paul Selden, an avid Stellar Community member, walks us through the dark paths of layered security via his delightfully usable service StellarGuard

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11. Cardano

Cardano Latest Update

12. Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic Latest UpdatesEthereum Classic defies gravity with 17% growth
ETHC/USD gains 14$ on a day-to-day basis amid improved market sentiments.
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13. Tron

Samsung Embracing TRON And Other Cryptos Just The Start, Says Justin Sun
Justin Sun, the enigmatic head of the aspirational blockchain solution TRON, made waves when Samsung, one of the world’s largest technology brands, added the project to its Blockchain Keystore. This meant that Samsung Galaxy S10 users had access to TRON dApps (decentralized apps)
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14. Monero

Monero Latest UpdatesGuarda Wallet now gives you a TX key after a XMR transaction!
Greetings Monero Community! We’ve got news that we wanted to share with you. Now, after a successful Monero transaction, you will see your TX key.
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15. Dash

Dash partners with to enable Dash-Peso Pair
We are thrilled to partner with @Tauros_io and enable the Dash-Peso pair for users across Mexico! Congrats to Tauros for also launching their 11k ATM-strong network for deposits throughout Mexico, users can now purchase #Dash w/ cash!
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16. Tezos

Tezos Latest UpdatesTransfer Agent Vertalo Chooses Tezos Over Ethereum for Security Token Development
Transfer agent Vertalo wants its customers to issue securities on the Tezos blockchain.
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17. Chainlink

Chainlink Latest UpdatesChainlink to work with UnibrightIO, AnyblockTools, and other EEA Members on Eminent
EEA Mainnet Working Group forms Task Force “EMINENT” (Ethereum Mainnet Integration for Enterprises)
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18. UNUS SED LEO (Bitfinex)

Bitfinex latest updatesBitfinex Adds Tether Gold (XAUt), Bringing Digital Exposure to World’s Most Enduring Asset
We’re pleased to announce that Bitfinex has listed Tether Gold (XAU₮), a stablecoin backed by physical gold. Trading in XAU₮ commenced on 24/01/20 at 2:30 PM UTC. XAU₮ can be traded with U.S. Dollar (XAUt/USD), tether (XAUt/USDt), and bitcoin (XAUt/BTC)
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19. Cosmos

Cosmos Latest Updates

20. Neo

Neo Latest UpdatesEverstake Becomes the Latest Consensus Node on the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet
Erik Zhang, founder and core developer of Neo, noted, “We are glad to welcome Everstake as one of our consensus nodes on the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet. As Neo3 development accelerates, we appreciate the help from the ecosystem to facilitate Neo’s development and the decentralization process.”
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21. Huobi Token

Huobi Latest UpdatesTravelers Can Now Use Huobi Token (HT) to Book Hotels in 230+ Countries
Huobi Group, the world’s leading blockchain brand with an expansive portfolio of decentralized products and services, today announced a new partnership with crypto-friendly hotel booking platform To give travelers and crypto users more flexible booking options, has integrated Huobi Token (HT) as a preferred payment method for booking hotels and accommodations in over 90,000 destinations across 230+ countries.
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22. Hedge Trade
Hedgetrade Latest Updates

23. IOTA

IOTA Latest UpdatesWelcome Sebastian Müller to the IOTA Foundation
Sebastian Müller is joining the IOTA Research team as an independent researcher. In this role, he will study the impact of randomness in various parts of the IOTA protocol. At the moment he is a professor at the department of mathematics, Aix-Marseille Université, France. The main focus of his research lies in the field of stochastic processes and their applications.
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24. Coin coin latest updates

25. ZCash

Zcash latest updatesBitcoin Cash Miners Propose Controversial Soft Fork for Zcash-Style Development Fund
In a Medium post Wednesday, Jiang Zhuoer, CEO of mining pool BTC.TOP, said that a group of some of the largest bitcoin cash mining pools were preparing to soft fork the network to implement a “short-term donation plan” that would cut block rewards by 12.5 percent in order to fund network development.
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26. Maker

Maker Latest UpdatesOasisDEX contract will be upgraded on 8th Feb 2020
For devs that have connected their apps to OasisDEX contracts (e.g., Kyber, 1inch.echange, Dex.AG, bZx, CDPSaver, Argent), and anyone else interested:

The current OTC contract (Matching_Market, 0x39755357759ce0d7f32dc8dc45414cca409ae24e) was deployed 12 months ago with an expiration date of February 8th, 2020, 12:00 UTC. After this date, the contract will no longer allow creation of new offers or new takes. After that date, anyone — not just the owner — will be able to cancel any order.
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27. USD Coin

USD Coin Latest UpdatesKraken Lists USDC, Helps Drive Adoption of World’s Fastest-Growing Stablecoin
Kraken, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, today listed USD Coin (USDC), the world’s fastest-growing stablecoin.
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28. Ontology

Ontology Latest UpdatesOntology DEX by Sesameseed is Now on ONTO
The Ontology DEX by Sesameseed (aka SEED Exchange) which enables on-chain trading of ONT, ONG and SEED is now available on the popular mobile wallet, ONTO.
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29. Nem

Nem Latest UpdatesNEM Foundation Partners With to Support Cryptocurrency Payments
The NEM Foundation has partnered with, a cryptocurrency using hotel booking platform, to support the NEM asset for users who want to book utilizing it. The asset, which has a market cap of over three hundred million, was launched in 2015 and is in the top 30 of all assets in terms of market cap.
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30. Vechain

Vechain latest UpdatesReebonz Partners With VeChain to Adopt Blockchain Technology for Innovation
Reebonz Holding Limited (Nasdaq: RBZ), a leading online luxury marketplace and platform in Southeast Asia, announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with VeChain, a leading global enterprise-level public blockchain platform, to adopt the blockchain technology to establish the end-to-end provenance of luxury products sold on Reebonz’s platforms, which will help further its ecosystem strategy.
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31. Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention token latest updatesBAT Team ‘Not Concerned’ Over SEC’s Howey Test – Brave CEO
The CEO of Brave, Brendan Eich recently spoke on Basic Attention Token and how it would face the Howey Test.
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32. FTX Token

FTX token latest updateFTX add CAD to their OTC Portal
FTX adds CAD to their OTC portal. Now all level 3 FTX clients can deposit CAD and convert it to USD with the best rates in the industry!
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33. Doge Coin

Dogecoin Latest updates

34. Bitcoin Gold

BitcoinGold Latest UpdatesBitcoin Gold hit by 51% attacks, $72K in cryptocurrency double-spent
Malicious cryptocurrency miners took control of Bitcoin Gold‘s blockchain recently to double-spend $72,000 worth of BTG.
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35. Paxos Standard

Paxos Standard Latest UpdatesPaxos Launches Automatic Conversions Between Bank Deposits and Stablecoins
Paxos announced Tuesday a new feature allowing customers to automatically wire transfer funds from their bank accounts into either Paxos Standard or Binance USD stablecoins.
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36. Decred

Decred Latest Updates

37. Qtum

Qtum Latest UpdatesQtum Chain Foundation Donates 200,000 Yuan to Hubei Charity Federation for Virus Epidemic Prevention and Control
Qtum Chain Foundation donated 200,000 yuan (about US$ 28,800) to the Hubei Charity Federation for virus epidemic prevention and control. It is reported that the donated funds will be used to purchase epidemic prevention supplies, provide family pensions for deaths due to the epidemic, and for insurance, protective gear and living allowances for volunteers.
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38. Synthetix Network

Synthetix Network Latest UpdatesSwitcheo Lists Synthetix Network Token (SNX)
Switcheo will be hosting a trading competition to celebrate the listing of Synthetix Network Token (SNX) on Switcheo Exchange!
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39. Augur

Augur Latest Updates

40. 0x

0x Latest Updates0x developers release liquidity aggregation tool for Ethereum-based exchange protocol
Ethereum-based open protocol, 0x, released a new liquidity aggregation tool, 0x API, to offer developers the best price on every trading pair
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41. Ravencoin

Ravencoin Latest UpdatesRavencoin v3 — Phoenix
It won’t be much longer now. Ravencoin Core 3.3.1 (code-name Phoenix) has been released and is available to install. The Version 3 features will not activate until 2016 blocks after 85%+ of the blocks are mined by the new version.
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42. Molecular Future

Molecular Future Latest UpdatesMOF RELEASES WHITE PAPER 2.0
MOF releases whitepaper 2.0 and adds two new executive members to the MOF Team
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43. True USD

TrueUSD Latest Updates

44. Algorand

Algorand Latest UpdatesIntroducing the NEW Algorand Wallet!
Introducing the NEW Algorand Wallet! Featuring full & automatic integration with Algorand Standard Assets, in-app calculations of Algos to USD, visibility of rewards and more
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45. Swipe

Swipe Coin Latest UpdatesSwipe Now Supports Apple Pay Transactions
Swipe Wallet users can now purchase over 20 supported cryptocurrencies with Apple Pay. In the recent announcement of Swipe, this integration will allow Swipe Wallet iOS users a faster and easier option of purchasing their preferred cryptocurrencies directly on the application.
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46. OKB

OKB Latest Updates

47. OmiseGo

Omisego Latest UpdatesQuantstamp completes OMG Network security audit
We’re happy to announce that Quantstamp has completed the security audit of the OMG Network’s More Viable Plasma (More VP). This is the second time Quantstamp has audited us: our first audit with Quantstamp took place in Nov 2018 in which their security engineers reviewed More VP’s predecessor, Minimum Viable Plasma.
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48. Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond Latest UpdatesLATOKEN lists Bitcoin Diamond
LATOKEN, #1 IEO Launchpad, and a Top-10 cryptocurrency exchange lists Bitcoin Diamond, the popular fork of Bitcoin that seeks to add more transaction capacity to the network.
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49. ZB Token

ZB Token Latest Updates

50. Holo

Holo Token Latest UpdatesInstall NixOS on an External Hard Drive
We love it when members of the Holochain Community take initiative and share what they’ve learned. Vibrant groups of people who are willing to teach one another how to get the most out of Holochain is something we believe in deeply and support on the Holochain Forum. So we’ve been delighted to see that Holochain community member, Sven @newprometheus, has put together a guide for installing NixOS from an external hard drive.
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51. Multi-Collateral DAI

Multi Collateral Dai Latest UpdatesMaker Foundation Announces $27.5 Million MKR Sale to Dragonfly Capital Partners and Paradigm
The Maker Foundation announced today that venture capital funds Dragonfly Capital Partners and Paradigm have acquired $27.5 million worth of MKR, approximately 5.5% of the total MKR supply. Both will actively participate in the decentralized governance of the Maker Protocol.
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52. Icon

Icon ICX Latest UpdatesICON Plans Integration with Leading Oracle Solution Chainlink
We are excited to announce our collaboration with Chainlink, one of the leading oracle solutions in the blockchain industry. Oracles allow smart contracts to interact with data and systems from outside their native blockchain (off-chain). This opens up interchain communication and enables smart contracts to interact with traditional non-blockchain systems that currently power global economies.
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53. Lisk

Lisk Latest updatesLisk is now available on Magnum Wallet
We are happy to announce that #Lisk is now available on @Magnum_Wallet, a crypto wallet allowing users to send, receive, and store tokens. More info here:
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54. Centrality

55. Nano

Nano Wallet Company apps shutting down on February 10th, 2020
Since launching the Nano Wallet Company (NWC) wallet apps in June 2018, we have been blown away by the fantastic progress made towards the creation of the now robust and user-friendly Nano wallet ecosystem. There are various open and closed source wallet options now available, which are superior to the wallets we have created.
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56. Theta

Binance launches Enterprise Validator Node on Theta Network, joining Blockchain Ventures and gumi Cryptos
Binance, the world’s leading global crypto exchange, has successfully launched their validator node on the Theta Network. By running an Enterprise Validator Node, Binance joins other global enterprises such as Blockchain Ventures and gumi Cryptos in securing the Theta blockchain and is participating directly in Theta block production.
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57. Waves

Waves 2019: Year in review
Annual stats for the Waves network:
The number of full nodes increased by 25%, from 310 to 413
Almost 1,700 people finished the course ‘Mastering Web 3.0 with Waves’
There are 10,526 smart contracts deployed on the Waves mainnet, of which 394 are scripts for dApps
The reward for block generation became 6 WAVES
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58. Kucoin Shares

KuCoin’s PoS Mining Platform Pool-X Launches the World’s First Liquidity Trading Market
Pool-X, the next generation POS mining platform supporting lockup crypto transactions backed by KuCoin, today announced the launch of its Liquidity Trading Market. The market allows users to buy and sell staked digital assets, bringing more flexibility and liquidity to the staking economy. To celebrate the launch of the liquidity market on Pool-X, it will be running an activity where participants can get a share of 5,000 USDT.
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59. Bytom

Bytom officially released MOV Stable Financial System Whitepaper 1.0
From basic economic and MOV infrastructure-building perspective, the system consists of a diversified collateral framework, stability mechanism and clearing system. Through the introduction of risk bonds. A brand-new onchain finance and multilateral trading mechanism is constructed on the basis of n the risk control models and theories in the traditional financial industry. The MOV stablecoin system was born, served and beyond cross-chain.
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60. Horizen

61. Nervos Network

Announcing the Nervos Ecosystem Grants Program
We are launching the Nervos Grants Program to empower innovation and development, and support the growth of a diverse and thriving ecosystem. The goal of the program is to attract talent to research and build the necessary tooling for developing solutions around Nervos, and to incentivize developers and projects who are willing and passionate about working on these solutions.
Read it Here.

62. Digibyte

Work on the next version of the #DigiByte #blockchain has started.
Many exciting improvements coming! You can follow work on version 8.19.0
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63. Monacoin

64. Seele

Seele Weekly Report #84
1. Mining algorithm optimization
2. Added Seele RPC function
3. P2P nodes synchronization optimization
4. Mining nodes CPU utilization optimization
5. Seele JS SDK development
6. Seele SDK development
7. Research on Invalid Parameters of UDP Node Connection
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65. Bittorrent

Justin Sun, BitTorrent owner hit with piracy lawsuit
In the latest turn of events, a lawsuit filed against the BitTorrent owner – originally made on grounds of employment law – now finds a piracy angle to it.
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66. MCO

Time for Plan B OFFICIAL RULES (Jan 28)
No purchase necessary to enter or win a prize in this Sweepstakes (defined below). A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited by law enter via Twitter and account. The Sweepstakes is a campaign sponsored by independently and is in no way endorsed by Twitter, Inc..
Read it Here.

67. Enjin Coin

68. Komodo

69. IOST

PHI Launches GUILD In Europe | Co-Hosts Blockchain Event with IOST in Crypto Valley, Switzerland
PHI team, one of IOST Developer Core Community Member in Japan, is visiting Switzerland to promote the GUILD project on IOST and establish a PHI subsidiary in order to enter the Swiss and European markets. PHI’s expansion into Switzerland is supported by the Swiss Global Enterprise‘s Japanese office.
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70. Hyper Cash

Weekly Development Update
The following is a weekly progress report from the HCASH development team. This report is divided into two parts: completed and ongoing work.
Our GitHub code can be found here:
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71. Sia Coin

The Sia Alerts System: Be more informed about your cloud storage
One of the new features coming in Sia v1.4.2 is the Alert System, a new set of tools that allow Sia to report irregularities during runtime — in other words, it will tell you when you have a problem. It will also tell you what the problem is, how severe the problem is, and (if Sia can figure this much out) what caused the problem.
Read it Here.

72. Nexo

Bitcoin Could Reach $50,000 in 2020, Says Nexo’s Antoni Trenchev on Bloomberg
Early on in the new year Nexo’s managing partner and co-founder, Antoni Trenchev, was once again on Bloomberg for an interview on the tremendous growth and transformative value of Bitcoin over the past decade, the recent developments in the blockchain space, and Nexo’s essential role in the future of banking.
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73. V Systems

Staked Joins as a Supernode to Support Staking on V SYSTEMS
With more than 95 million of VSYS coins leased for staking, Staked has officially become one of the supernodes on the V SYSTEMS mainnet today.
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74. DigixDao

DigixDAO’s Dissolution
Following the casting of votes by our community of DGD holders, the majority of DGD holders have voted for a dissolution of DigixDAO and to burn the remaining DGD in circulation, returning prorated amounts of ETH to token holders according to their DGD holdings.
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75. DXChain Token

DxChain Project Updates No.42
Development Progress
1. Added more user-friendly console commands
2. Continue on optimizing the DPOS block reward distribution mechanism
3. Designed and start to implement the chain monitoring system for service of better quality
4. Continue on memory and performance optimization
5. Fixed more bugs on godx compatibility issues on ARM system.
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76. Steem

Steemit Releases Smart Media Tokens
Steemit, the first and largest blockchain-based social network, has released their ground-breaking token-launching protocol, Smart Media Tokens (SMTs), on a testnet.
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77. Verge

78. Bytecoin

Project Update from the Bytecoin Team
In addition to working on our recent releases, we have also been studying the market and analyzing technology we think may be of use to us. It is not reasonable to rush our roadmap as the entire industry, and especially the crypto segment, has been changing and developing fast. The market is visibly shifting towards DEXes with the blockchain sector becoming more and more regulated. This is why a more concrete long-term plan needs to be figured out for Bytecoin.
Read it Here.

79. ABBC Coin

ABBC Coin Listing on Coinsbit
ABBC Coin is now available on Coinsbit. Hailed as the best cryptocurrency exchange in 2018 and included in Forbes’ list of Asia’s top 10 blockchain firms of the same year, Coinsbit is one of the key players within the cryptocurrency industry.
Read it Here.

80. Terra

Terra: Payment Processing on the Blockchain with Do Kwon | passing the 1 million accounts milestones
We took Terra passing the 1 million accounts milestones as a reason to bring Terra’s CTO Do Kwon on the podcast. Terra is a blockchain network and stablecoin system with meaningful real-world adoption through integrating their mobile payment app CHAI.
Read it Here.

81. Bitshares

82. Zilliqa

Ad blockchain Lucidity partners with Aqilliz for Zilliqa integration
Yesterday, the blockchain advertising platform Lucidity announced a partnership with blockchain marketing firm Aqilliz. Under the agreement, Lucidity will be integrating its existing solution with the Zilliqa blockchain, the technology that Aqilliz uses.
Read it Here.

83. Kyber Network

Crypto Platform Kyber Network Adds Support For Ampleforth’s AMPL Token
Ampleforth, a digital asset protocol for producing smart commodity-money, has announced the listing of its AMPL token on digital asset platform Kyber Network.
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84. Zcoin

Zcoin listed on Exchange
We are pleased for Zcoin XZC to be added to the Exchange trading platform, making it the 28th asset to be listed on the exchange.

With the listing on the Exchange, Zcoin will be made available to a broader audience.
Read it Here.

85. Aeternity

Aeternity predicts a future where the tokenisation of all shared assets and resources is common place
Aeternity predicts a future where the tokenisation of all shared assets and resources is commonplace. Every co-owned object and shared resource will be tokenised and i’s ownership and access tracked by the blockchain. This would ideally make all shared assets more liquid and traceable on global markets.
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86. Energi

Energi latest Updates

87. Maidsafe Coin

Maisdsafe Coin Latest Updates

88. RIF Token

Rif Token latest UpdatesIOV Labs and Coinsilium expand partnership to promote RSK and RIF platforms in Asia
Following and expanding on July’s strategic agreement, today, IOV Labs and blockchain venture builder and advisor Coinsilium announced the formation of a Joint Venture company in Singapore to promote IOV’s RSK and RIF OS blockchain solutions in Asia Pacific enterprise markets.
Read it Here.

89. Quant

Quant Latest Updates

90. Ardor

Ardor Latest Updates

91. Matic Network

Matic Network Latest UpdatesMatic Network Announces Stake Capital As Official Staking Partner
Matic Network, the blockchain scalability platform has formally announced Stake Capital, the DeFi service provider as the official staking partner.
Read it Here.

92. IExec RLC

Iexec Rlc Latest Updates

93. Yap Stone

Yapstone latest updatesPayments And The Platform Economy
The monthly Payments And The Platform Economy Playbook, a PYMNTS and Yapstone collaboration, aims to help platform payment decision-makers identify and manage the risks and rewards inherent in optimizing their operations and navigating real-time challenges.
Read it Here.

94. Crypterium

Crypterium Latest Updates

95. Electroneum

Electroneum Latest UpdatesGoogle Play and Apple Store to Support Access for ETN Rewards
Electroneum, the leading innovator in the blockchain and crypto arena, has added another feather to its credit as the firm has made its place into Apple’s News App on January 27, 2020. This is for the first time since the launch of the Electroneum M1 phone that the firm has achieved such a remarkable milestone.
Read it Here.

96. Solve

Solve token Latest UpdatesCare.Wallet for Family app goes global with its new update available on Google and Apple app stores
Care.Wallet for Family application by Solve.Care strikes again with the new update that allows over 80 countries to use the unique services of the app to improve personal healthcare outcomes.
Read it Here.

97. Dragoncoins

Dragoncoins Latest updatesDRGx – A New Interface and a New Experience
The DRGx trading API allows traders and other providers to integrate seamlessly into our trading platform to gain access to our trading floor;
Read it Here.

98. Decentraland

Decehtraland Latest Updates

99. Status

Status coin Latest Updates

100. Golem

Golem Latest UpdatesBrass Golem Beta
The brand new Brass Golem Beta 0.22.0 brings along many goodies that we have been preparing on the back burners for a long time.
Read it Here.

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