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Guidelines to Guest post!

Before you get started, here are the guidelines for contributing to CryptoTapas:

1. Match our Audience: Write what suits our audience and the categories our site focuses on.

2. Be Original: The posts must be unique and new topics with your own content and not copied or lifted
from other authors or websites.

3. Give Credits: Credit the author / website / link if there is any quote or reference mentioned.

4. Keep it Interesting: Don’t try to finish the articles in a hurry, it should be at least 2000 words or more
and give examples wherever necessary to engage your readers.

5. Don’t sell yourself: Posts that tend to promote themselves with their links and offers are not

6. Post only here: This article is only meant to be posted on the website and can’t be re posted on other
sites or blogs or other social media separately.

7. CryptoTapas Holds the Post rights: we( own the rights over the guest post and will
credit the author’s name in the byline (with a link to their website or social page).

8. You’re here to provide your expertise, not sell to others. That means you won’t be pitching your product or service directly to readers.

9. CryptoTapas reserves the right to accept, modify, edit, reject any guest post submitted for our consideration.

10. We reserve the right to remove or “nofollow” backlinks.

11. You should not accept payment from third parties for anything published on CryptoTapas.

12. You are a contributor, not an employee. Please make sure you clarify that when you talk about your relationship with CryptoTapas.

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