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Become UNSTOPPABLE: Why You Should Consider Getting a .Crypto Domain

Unstoppable Domains Review

What is your domain address?

What is your cryptocurrency wallet address?

What is your email address?

How cool would it be to say that all of those addresses are one and the same?  

Talk about creating a brand.  

Now, this is all possible with Unstoppable Domains which lets you buy a domain for one-time payment (yes, no renewal fees to keep your domain name) and use it as your cryptocurrency address, your domain and also link your email.

Today, we are going to look at this revolutionary future made possible by Unstoppable Domains:

Humanly readable crypto addresses to receive 70+ cryptos

You no longer have to send multiple 32 character addresses for multiple cryptocurrencies.  You can ask someone to send you money at YourName.crypto and you simply receive it in your wallet.

Here is how you set up your Unstoppable Domain to receive cryptocurrencies.

Visit: Unstoppable Domains

-Sign up

Unstoppable Domains Signup

Once you sign up, search for your desired domain name.

Unstoppable Domains Search for the Domain

Select your desired domain and click checkout. You will be provided with 4 payment options:

– By Card

– By paypal

– By Crypto

– app

Unstoppable Domains payment options

Below are the list of cryptocurrencies that are accepted:

Unstoppable Domains Pay by Crypto

This window will appear once you complete the payment

Unstoppable Domains Order Completion


Go to Account settings and click add wallet.


Unstoppable Domains Add Wallet

Unstoppable Domains Wallets

Click on web3 to connect to the wallet, here we are connecting to the available metamask wallet

Unstoppable Domains Metamask

You will be prompted to confirm with the code that is sent to your registered email

Unstoppable Domains Email Confirmation Code

Unstoppable Domains Wallet Added Successfully

The wallet address will be added to your domain. Next, you need to claim your domain.

Unstoppable Domains Claim Domains

Click to claim the domain. Confirm the code that is sent to your registered email once again.

Unstoppable Domains Claim Domains 01

Unstoppable Domains Claim Domains

A sign in prompt pops up on metamask wallet to verify.

Unstoppable Domains View Domains

Unstoppable Domains Pending Claim

Once done, you can see your domain with Manage settings enabled.

Unstoppable Domains Manage

Adding Receiving addresses

Click on manage to add the crypto you like to receive. Unstoppable domains have been continuously adding many tokens everyday.

You can check the list of tokens that are accepted here:

Unstoppable Domains Adding Addresses

Simply add the addresses in the above fields and click save. You will be asked to sign the same on your wallet prompt to confirm.

That’s it, you will be now able to accept various cryptocurrencies, with just one humanly readable domain name.

The best part of using Unstoppable Domains address is that you can use one single address to receive payments in 70 different cryptos (and this list keeps growing as the team adds new crypto).

This feature will help unite the crypto space into ‘easy’ integration into the real business world.

Send and receive emails via Unstoppable Domains

The team has added another feature that allows owners of the domain to send and receive the email to the domain address.  

It couldn’t have been any simpler.  All you have to do is:

  • Go to My Apps
  • Sign in with your wallet
  • Send and receive emails!

Here is a quick tutorial that shows how easy it is to set this up.

How to launch your own UNCENSORABLE website?

Launching your own uncensorable website with Unstoppable Domains is quite easy once you get a hang of it.

Here is a quick 1 minute video on how to launch your own website.

At this time, you can only use the following methods to access unstoppable domains.

  • Unstoppable Browser
  • Opera Browser
  • Chrome Extension

We do expect that once more and more websites start launching on Unstoppable Domains it will be easy to access on other popular browsers and be searchable on search engines.

Why do we like Unstoppable Domains?

Traditional vs. Unstoppable Domains

Traditional websites can be shut down by a government order.  You can be kicked out from accessing your own website if your content is not ‘acceptable’.

With Unstoppable Domains, you pretty much own your own website through your wallet and it cannot be shut down just because your political bent or views are different (as long as not illegal).

You can say bye bye to bully/excessive censorship using the new domains.

Being your own bank, with your own name

Right now, you could get a crypto address with your name. For instance, we own the address called rkreddy.crypto and anyone can send crypto to this address.

Using just this one address, you can send about 70 different cryptos.

This is like a new-age bank but only better.

No bank in the world will let you receive multiple currencies instantly.  However, Unstoppable Domains address will let you do just that but with multiple cryptos from anywhere in the world.

What we don’t like about Unstoppable Domains?

What happens if some anti-social elements launch offensive or unacceptable content on Unstoppable Domains?  Will it jeopardize the entire project?

Will government(s) be able to take down Unstoppable Domains if anti-social elements use it to propagate hatred and to collect funds illegally?

We have raised the above questions with the team and we will update this section once we hear from them.

At this time you can only open your Unstoppable Domains using limited options (listed earlier) and your website is not going to be searchable on sites like Google.

However, we expect this to be a temporary state before these domains go mainstream.

Coinbase wallet and more

Unstoppable domains is supported by some of the most established crypto wallets including Coinbase Wallet. 

Here’s a short clip of the Coinbase Wallet announcement.

At the time of this writing, following wallets and applications support Unstoppable Domains to receive money directly.

Wallets Supported by Unstoppable Domains

A lot accomplished and a lot more to go

Here is what Unstoppable Domains has accomplished in the last one year since they began their journey.

  • 300K+ domains registered
  • 24 supported wallets
  • Opera browser
  • 70 Cryptocurrencies
  • dBlog
  • dChat
  • dWeb Search Engines
  • 20k+ Websites

We can only speculate that there will be amazing things coming to this platform which simplifies accepting crypto.


With only 300,000 domains registered at the time of this writing, there is a lot of potential to find a name that fancies your interest (including your name) and in a future that will include Crypto, this could be such an awesome thing to own.

If for nothing, we personally like Unstoppable Domains for the fancy of owning a .crypto address, however, the utility goes beyond our fancy and we will use our .crypto address to receive crypto directly.

If you are looking to own your .crypto or .zil address, we appreciate you using our referral link, it is an easy way to support us at no additional cost to you.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and healthy!

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