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Unconference with Sir John Hargrave, Author of “Blockchain for Everyone”

Sir John Hargrave, author of Blockchain for Everyone, lead the sessions at the World Crypto Conference (WCC) in Las Vegas on 29th October 2019.  

The format of this session was very democratic.  Participants had the opportunity to choose topics that interest them the most and sessions were conducted on the most voted topics.

There are 4 rules of this unconference mindset.  From John’s own slide, here they are:

Blockchain for everyone

Decentralizing blockchain learning

John Hargrave at wccAt the outset, a whole day in training sounded like a drag. That quickly changed after the first session with the palpable energy in the room to learn and share.

Generally, whenever you find yourself in a day long training – you will have a room that is divided, half of the room doesn’t want to listen to what is being taught and the other half thinks they know better.  

With the unconference format, everyone can be a part of the group that chooses the topic they are interested in and the opportunity to learn from each other is very unique. 

Given how new this blockchain and crypto space are, it helps to leverage the 10s of brilliant minds together instead of one person trying to educate everyone in the room.

Many topics were selected, discussed and shared with the group.

It was evident that Bitcoin is still one of the most requested topics followed by crypto tax regulations and privacy coins.

Road to mass adoption

Group discussing the mass adoption, among the ideas that were discussed to make blockchain a household name include:

  • Government involvement in building the framework for companies to innovate
  • Establish best practices for the industry to follow
  • Building gateways that help traditional and decentralized systems to interact
  • Increase certification and licensing requirements to build trust

Future of crypto trading

On the topic of crypto trading, the groups felt that crypto trading will head in the direction of gamification, hybrid (human/computer) trades, Decentralized Exchange, Quantum resistant computer trading, etc.,

Monero is faring as one of the favorite privacy coins among the crypto enthusiasts as there was a whole group that discussed Monero.

There were many other topics discussed during the day (and for the benefit of those attending the event in person, we are not going to give away all of them here).

Sir John Hargrave says “this space grows every day, and if we do not decentralize the learning aspect as well, we will not collectively move the needle.”

You can also check the Unconference Takeaways here.

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