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Projects to Keep an Eye on Going into 2021

Top projects for 2021

We have been wrong numerous times about our calls but that is not going to deter from looking forward to 2021.  

So, here we go with the 2021 project call out. DYOR before investing your hard earned money.  

We understand not everyone has the same level of patience or resilience for excruciating pain of financial loss, so tread in fashion what suits you.

Quick note: Below list is not the same as the projects we picked in this FREE report. Below is looking at 2021 and the report lists projects that have longer term potential. 

Here are the projects that we are keeping an eye on for 2021 (we are hoping these could break out in a meaningful way before the end of 2021).

bitcoinBitcoin: The king of crypto might continue to surprise people by reaching the elusive $50,000 mark in 2021. Whether it reaches that mark or not, it continues to be a great entry into crypto, in our opinion.

Polkadot Defi EcosystemPolkadot: DOT is trying to get what Ethereum has gotten wrong.  Will DOT replace Ethereum?  In our opinion, no. Ethereum has the first mover advantage that is difficult to surpass, however, blockchain is going to emerge into a trillion(s) dollar industry that will have space for more than many projects to succeed. 

Vechain updatesVeChain:  This sleeping giant, in our opinion, continues its sideway journey as we head into 2021.  We suspect more partnerships and more use cases will bring the deserved attention to this mammoth of a project in the supply chain space, one of the more amazing use-cases of blockchain.  Success of VeChain will directly contribute to the success of blockchain space at a macro level.

Icon price predictionICON:  ICON went from 45 cents to $15.  Since then, it has been doing dead cat bounce once-in-a-while at a sub 50 cents level. However, heading into 2021, we might see much needed spotlight on this project with DeFi, staking and interoperability models.

The graph (grt) price predictionThe Graph: Labeled as the Google of the blockchain world which has been in works for over 3 years has made a surprising entry into major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, etc., Project with Coinbase ventures as one of the investors might be Chainlink in the making in the world of indexing blockchain data.

Enjin Coin latest UpdatesEnjin: We love Enjin.  It is going after one of the most lucrative spaces with an immediate use case for crypto: Gaming.  Enjin may also shine in bringing NFTs to the masses and succeed in a big way.  At least, that’s what we are speculating. 

Honorable mentions

Ethereum: First mover.  Tremendous partnerships. Staking with ETH 2.0.  DeFi projects on top of Ethereum.  These are some reasons why Ethereum could surprise people.

Uniswap: DeFi success may directly contribute to Uniswaps success in 2021.

Chainlink: King of oracles in the blockchain may continue its upward trajectory in 2021.  Will the gains be as big of multipliers as they have been 2020, probably not.

Basic Attention token latest updatesBAT: Digital ad space, rewarding users for using the browser, ever increasing publisher and user base, buy-back of BAT by the company.  There are so many things going right for this project, except, it has not garnered the attention it truly deserves.   Things might be different in 2021. At least one can hope.

Those are the projects that we are keeping an eye on and continue to dollar cost average our way into. What are our gems?  Share with the world.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and healthy!

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