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Top 3 Altcoins 2020 According to YouTube Influencers

Top 3 Altcoins 2020

YouTube influencers have massive influence on the crypto space.  Given how small and immature crypto trading is compared to traditional stocks, it is easy for the crypto influencers to create stir in the space for FOMO and FUD.  

For example, when Chico Crypto (one of our personal favorites) presented Energy Web Token as his hidden gem – the token rallied from under $1 to $7. As of this writing, EWT is still coasting at around $7.

It is only fitting that we see what these influencers think are ultimate Cryptos for 2020.  

We did the homework for you. 

We went through their top picks and then filtered it for the most common picks in everyone’s list to distill the list further to 3 tokens.  

For the purpose of this list, we are picking crypto influencers with 30,000 or more followers. If we have missed any of your favorite crypto influencers from the Tube, let us know and we will update this list accordingly.

Top Altcoins for 2020

As you can see we have 3 clear winners from looking at the cryptos that were recommended by most of the crypto influencers on YouTube.

Chainlink and Unibright take tie at the top with 4 out of 7 influencers recommending it. Kyber Network is the close second with 3 out of 7 influencers recommending the project.

Let’s look at the reasons why these cryptos were picked by these influencers.


Chainlink logo

Chainlink connects the real world businesses to blockchain technology using API integration through its oracles.  Chainlink is expected to become the bridge between traditional businesses and blockchain technology, as such, it has a key role to play.

Lark Davis

  • Major Player in Ethereum Enterprise Alliance
  • Big Partnerships like E & Y
  • InterChain Operability and working with many DEFI Applications

Chico Crypto

  • No.1 Holdings
  • Major use cases

Crypto Fiend

  • Partnerships
  • Many use cases
  • Plenty of room to grow


  • Interoperability


Unibright price prediction 2020

Unibright helps business integration with blockchain technologies.  The business behind Unibright has been operational for over 20 years and has ventured into Blockchain to build the businesses and blockchain integration efforts. 

Lark Davis

  • Super easy to onboard business to ethereum blockchain
  • Tokens deposited in to the system are removed from the circulating supply 
  • Significant potential to grow
  • Partnerships

Chico Crypto

  • Part of EEA
  • A big chunk of his holdings

Crypto Fiend

  • Ease of use and cost effective
  • Products are top notch so are their partnerships (microsoft, baseline, SAP, Anyblock..)


  • Enterprise adoption made easy
  • Unique liquidity strategy called Frequity’

Kyber Network :

Kyber Network Latest Updates

Kyber Network helps the liquidity between various platforms with different tokens. This liquidity helps interaction between different platforms seamless and helps conduct commerce without friction.

Lark Davis

  • Wildly easy decentralized swaps
  • Impressive Partnerships
  • Processed over 1 Billion dollar in trading volume
  • Staking rewards for Token Holders

Chico Crypto

  • Burn Mechanism
  • Staking in the Kyber Dao
  • Ethereum Rewards for staking


  • Low cost decentralized exchange services
  • Easy swap possibility

Do you agree with these picks?  What is your favorite pick that is not shortlisted here?

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. Stay safe and healthy!

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