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This project may be like finding NEO at 10 cents

finding neo

We hate hyperbole as much as you do. However, there is a silver lining to this bear market. It has given many a chance to enter into market.

How else can we explain ICON at 50 cents?! That is hurting all of those who stuck with the project when it was $13 and those that got in at $10. Ouch!

This article is not about ICON though, it is just a testimony to what the current bear market has handed to us.

We haven’t picked our project in a long time. There are just too many good projects and some below ICO prices. Our pick today is hovering around the ICO price.

Problem: Decentralized Applications (DApps) are built on the main blockchain and ‘share and fight’ for the resources to run the individual DApps. Side-chains tried to solve this issue but they are still confined by the overall limits of the main Blockchain.

Solution: AChain, our pick today, offers a fully customizable Blockchain solution that allows an on-demand fork for each DApp. Each fork then is connected to the AChain, however, not dependent or confined by the main blockchain technology protocol.

When full fledged DApps are developed within AChain ecosystem the issue of interoperability may not be relevant in theory, however, in reality this may become a limitation if they don’t come up with a solution for the interoperability.

Barring that limitation of interoperability, AChain does provide massive flexibility in terms of the language used on the platform which includes LVM, C++, Java, Python, etc. AChain Labs (ALabs) is actively helping the projects to launch on AChain protocol.

This forking your own blockchain node and flexibility in language used will help AChain easily launch Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

AChain got into the market with a lot of hype, including mention at a Google conference, selling out the ICO in 61 seconds, launching 80+ DApps (their Medium page says they have over 143 contracts as of August) and giving the AChain holders forks.

Team: Team consists of over 17 core members with experience in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Eric Wang, Chief Product Officer has good social presence and a great vision for the project.
finding neo

Other aspects:

1. Most DApps that launch on Achain airdrop certain count of tokens to AChain token holders
2. In a recent airdrop AChain airdropped AKMT, HUT, DSC and ACT tokens.
3. Presumably they have over 80 DApps (for size NEO has less than 30) and AChain has been in production since 2014
4. PundiX utilizes them as well
5. They have their own version CryptoKitties (to demonstrate the network stability, we suppose)
6. Unifox partnership bringing ATM style availability in near future
7. They are even thinking to launch their own trading pairs for the DApps launched on AChain
finding neo

Caveat: If you ask us, there too many blockchain platforms out there. There is no guarantee that AChain is going to surpass or even withstand them. Especially, in a world obsessed with million transactions per second, their promise of 1000 transactions needs scaling.

If you go back and look at all the projects we picked (except some that we deliberately picked for speculation) you will see that the team and the fundamentals are absolutely solid. It is same with AChain. It is the sheer number of players in the space that make it difficult to predict the success or failure. A risky space to get into but if AChain is successful rewards may surpass the risk, in our opinion.

Do we need more blockchain platforms? Probably not.
Do we need a customizable blockchain technology that does not restrict the DApp by the limitations of core blockchain technology itself, yes.

Answer then is – will AChain deliver the customization and lure plethora of DApps to their platform?

If they do – this can be a massive success, however, that IF is a big factor.

Conclusion: We are going to put in a small stake in AChain (1000 coins costs under $30 as of the writing of this article) and forget. We are going to ensure that these coins are sitting in fork compatible wallets so that future airdrops are received.

Project: Achain
Symbol: ACT (please always double check symbol)
Price today: $0.035
Trading on: Okex, Huobi
Buy price: visit QRIP page to view
HODL period: visit QRIP page to view
HODL gain anticipated: visit QRIP page to view
Achain Whitepaper
Presentation at BlockShow Europe 2018

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Do your own research before investing. Crypto space is very volatile, don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose. Everything in this article is an opinion, not an advice of any kind.

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