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These forgotten gems could resurge during this bull run

Forgotten Crypto Gems

Forgotten Crypto Gems

Disclaimer:  We own few of these tokens and there is no guarantee that these coins will actually resurge. Everything you are about to read is an opinion.  Our intention is to put some projects that have taken the backseat in recent times.

If you are curious as to why we give away so much for free – please check this Crypto Freebies page.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 2020

Crypto market is quite weird.  

It deceives the onlooker as if it’s learning from its past mistakes but it’s really not.

For instance, during the 2017 ICO craze, anyone could pitch any half-assed idea and raise millions from unassuming investors.

This bull run in 2020 is all about DeFi and Data Oracles.

Just slap ‘DeFi’ to any project without an actual product or even a single line of code written and you will make a boatload of money.

Because the ‘pump and dump’ practices are not closely monitored in the crypto space, many YouTubers are dumping their bags on their viewers.

It is so blatant that the YouTuber will start out saying “I loaded my bags with this” and then go on about all the mooning stuff and throw in a small disclaimer somewhere and voila. 

They make hundreds of thousands or even millions each day. And we are not exaggerating about that.

You contrast that with what you find here.  

We are giving away all the information we are digging up for free (including our Top 5 tokens for the next decade that we hope will 100x).  If you are curious as to why we give away so much for free – please check this Crypto Freebies page.

We recently started the microcap gems series where we are looking to dig up projects with a decent team, an actual product and lower market cap (usually under $5 Million, sometimes even less).

Because of the $$ limit on the microcap gems, there are some projects that we couldn’t cover in that series.

However, we wanted to float these projects in front of the discernible audience (and newbies who may not have looked into these).

This article’s sole aim is to ‘point’ you to these projects. It will not be a deep dive and as always we encourage you DYOR before investing.

Dragon Chain

Dragon Chain price prediction“Dragonchain is an enterprise and start up ready platform to build flexible and scalable blockchain applications.”

Like most projects we pick, Dragon Chain has solutions ready for business today.  This is not a pipedream or a 15 year roadmap.  That is why we think this is a forgotten gem.

This project is still going strong in the background in terms of development and traction.  They released a video in August about how their anti-fraud and transparency proof systems are used by an exchange.


Ticker: DRGN

ATH: $5.27

ATL: .02

Current Price: $0.079


Cindicator CND price prediction

“Cindicator builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. Cindicator’s analytical products are available exclusively to holders of CND tokens.”

Market pays top dollar for prediction data.  Cindicator is one of the first projects to build an AI based market intelligence platform on blockchain.

Cindicator boasts over 135,000 analysts from over 135 countries.

In our opinion, Cindicator is a viable project, although it has not gained traction.


Ticker: CND

ATH: $0.347

ATL: $0.002

Current price: $0.011


Funfair Price Prediction

“FunFair is a revolutionary blockchain technology platform that provides low cost, high quality, transparent casino experiences that are Guaranteed Fair.”

The space that FunFair is targeting is a massive one and is expected to grown even more in the coming years.

Ticker: FUN

ATH: $0.33

ATL: $0.0010

Current price: $0.0052

This page will be updated with future ‘forgotten gems’, so please consider subscribing

Acronyms used: 

ATH: All Time High

ATL: All Time Low

DYOR: Do Your Own Research

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and healthy!

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 2020

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Everything in this article is an opinion, not an advice of any kind. This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, investment, legal or other professional advice. Please consult with a professional for specific advice.

We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the information and claims made.

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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