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Chasing the Micro Cap Gems #2: aXpire, a Blockchain Business with a Working Product

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Chasing the Micro Cap Gems

ALERT:  Chasing the Micro Gems series aims to dig up the projects that have a low market cap, decent team and potential to explode in value. These projects pose a high risk-reward ratio so please DYOR before investing.  We invest a small portion as a gamble on these projects. Do what fits you after DYOR.

NOTE: We have asked the team a few questions and will update this article once we receive them. Please DYOR.

Continuing our quest to find micro cap gems, hopefully before they explode, we turn to aXpire as our second pick in the series, which at the time of writing had less than 2 million market cap.

While scouring through a lot of chat-piles on the internet we are given many names to review and it is quite overwhelming to filter through them.

To say we put in a lot of work in filtering, researching and reviewing the projects against our framework is quite an understatement.  

You can read the entire framework to apply to your favorite projects here:  How to pick the Best crypto project?

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Why have we picked aXpire as a micro cap gem?

Experience counts!

How many crypto projects out there do you know that meet the following conditions?

Working relationship with Fortune 500

Real world experience in delivering product and services

A team that has launched and succeeded in floating a SaaS company

Under $2 Million in market cap

Not only that, when we reached out to the CEO, Gary R Markham, he responded to us in under 5 minutes.  We can only imagine how they respond to their paying clientele.

We can stop right here in terms of why we are comfortable throwing a few hundred bucks at this project.

However, for the more curious ones who believe in that old fashioned thing called DYOR, here is what we dug up on aXpire.

What is aXpire?

aXpire’s team has been in the software space for over 15 years.  They create FinTech SaaS products for their clients.

aXpire has launched its blockchain based company with its own token call aXpire(AXPR).  

They offer 2 products at the moment:


“An end-to-end spend management and expense allocation software that automates manual tasks.”


“Bilr helps automate timekeeping and billing through e-billing.”

If you ask us, that’s two working products more than most microcap projects (and even large cap coins).

What’s more impressive is that these two products solve a real business problem that people want a solution – now.

It is not a latent or made up problem.

Applying our Crypto Pick Framework

Let’s apply our Crypto Pick Framework to aXpire and see how it measures:


As we stated above, aXpire aims to solve real world problems in the area of wasted time on administrative tasks, timekeeping and billing.

This is quite a big problem with people actively looking for solutions.

aXpire building these products on top of blockchain could give it a head start in the blockchain/crypto space.


The core team of aXpire is quite impressive, in our opinion.


aXpire’s team has worked with Fortune 500 companies and has been associated with other companies in the blockchain space as well. 

Axpire Partnerships

Axpire Partnerships

Beyond the name dropping, the fact that the solutions offered by aXpire’s team were used by these giants is a testament to the business acumen and customer awareness that the team has.

Addressable market size

Filling out timesheets alone wastes over $7 Billion a day.  

Don’t skim through that sentence, let that sink in.  It is estimated that over a Trillion dollars is wasted in timekeeping and that is just one of the solutions that aXpire is aiming to tap.  

This space can accommodate success of multiple players. 

It can also act as the gateway for the companies to try blockchain with help of aXpire.

Revenue model

Having experience in the SaaS business model, we expect that aXpire’s revenue model is that of sustenance and continuity.

Bilr offers a subscription model while Resolvr offers a Singular License fee model. 

Unlike most companies in blockchain space who rely heavily on appreciation of ‘token value’ to justify their existence, aXpire actually has a business model in place to generate revenue.

What do we like about aXpire?

Team with great experience and industry connections in the SaaS space.  

Products that are ready and live.  The solution is not a pipedream, it is a reality today.

Market Cap is well below $2 Million (at the time of this writing) which is 10 times lower than the funds raised during ICO ($20 Million).

Drawback: Narrow vertical

Unlike most blockchain pitches, aXpire is not looking to change the world and reimagine how businesses are done.  Instead, they are looking to offer solutions to the problems faced by the real businesses – today.

For some ‘pie in the sky’ crypto dreamers this may look as a draw back (and sure, it may even draw less folks to trade).

Q&A with aXpire

1.Is aXpire actively onboarding clients (or continuing to pursue)?

Yes, very much so. We’ve been in building mode (and still are) and are now moving into sales and marketing territory.

2. What does the team think contributed to the hard fall of the token value much below its ICO price?

Can’t comment on trading or prices, but AXPR unfortunately launched right as the 2017 market crashed. The crash was happening at the exact same time as we were listing on exchanges.

3. What is the current team size working on aXpire?

~30-40 in US and India mainly.

4. What is aXpire’s vision for Bilr & Resolvr products? Are there more products coming?

To remove outdated, human-manual processes which are draining resources (time + money). With our software, we automate a bunch of inefficient tasks and remove the likes of paper, spreadsheets and PDFs from enterprise workflows.

More products are coming, yes. PayBX, as an example, is in progress.

5. What is the revenue model and liquidity status at aXpire (since the ICO)?

Healthy. No financial issues. aXpire is generating revenue.

6. What, according to you, is a strong case for aXpire’s future success?

We provide software which helps companies save/make money, and so the ROI is quite compelling.

We’re getting to a point now where our products can be sold at scale.

7. How does Axpire token gain value (other than from the burning) – where does the token derive value?

The burn is an obvious one, which would continue to scale as new clients come onboard. In addition, we’re exploring adding HODL mechanisms to a future version of PayBX if the MVP launch is successful.

The way this would work is essentially discounts for holding AXPR, and other benefits, e.g. access to premium features and beyond. Still being explored.


A great team, proven experience track record, small market cap, working products and a company that operates like a business (and not a pump and dump factory) – aXpire checks all the boxes of a microcap gem, in our opinion.

Will the company be able to break through its downtrend and emerge as a winner?  Only time can tell.

Official website:

Ticker: AXPR

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

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Stay safe and healthy!

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