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Be Aware of these Latest Scam Attempts!

Different ways of crypto scams

Scammers are getting savvy.

This is bad news for every hardworking person out there.

If you are not careful – you could be handing over keys to your hard earned money to scammers, literally.

Here are few of the latest scams that we came across that we want to alert the community about.  

These scams are broadly targeting the general public, but with recent breaches at the exchanges and user data out in the open – the targeted attacks on crypto users has seen spikes.

Be careful and warn your friends, family and fellow Crypto folks.

YouTube Comment scam

Let’s say I am watching a video from CryptoZombie and I see one of the comments below with a CryptoZombie username with the same logo and everything.  

Crypto Zombie youtube scam

It is very easy to sometimes fall for these comments which usually talk about ‘an offer’ or ‘financial service’.

Be careful when you are acting on comments anywhere, whether it is on a blog or YouTube video.  Verify the username multiple times before deciding on acting on the information. 

Given this is a somewhat new scam – more and more people are falling for this.  

Newsletter scam

Newsletter scamIn an all new trick, scammers are creating mock-up versions of popular newsletters and blasting it to crypto folks.

The unassuming recipient clicks on the links that appear to be from brand names, however, are in fact a clever decoy to lure you into a scam.

CoinDesk recently reported that its emails have been forged to carry on scams. 

According to CoinDesk: “Over the past few weeks, CoinDesk has seen evidence scammers are copying our newsletters in their entirety, adding a malicious link at the top and changing the subject line to emphasize that link. They then send the email to a list of active and perhaps crypto-curious email addresses likely acquired from privacy-ignoring data brokers or the dark web, completing the phishing scheme.”

Even a newsletter is not safe from the scammers web – so always follow the golden rule: Check it before you click it.

‘Email from the exchange you trade’ scam

If you see an email that looks like it comes from an exchange that you use, for instance, Coinbase, it is quite natural that you click on the links instinctively.

Be very careful to hover over the link without clicking it to see where it originated from. 

Email Check

This extra check that is only going to take you a few seconds could save you from a potential phishing scam.

Good old ‘YouTube Livestream’ scam

Youtube giveaway Scam

Yes, they are still a thing.

With so many new video streaming services on the market, scammers are branching out.  

Scam is quite simple: scammers play a video of a press release or conference from the past as if it is going on live and right below it will be an offer to multiply your crypto.

Send 1 ETH to this address and receive 5 ETH.  

What makes this super cunning is there will be comments right below the offer where scammers use phony accounts to ‘assure’ that someone else has received the multiplier.

We assure you – no one has and no one ever will, except the scammer getting hands on your stash.

Phone text verification scam

Phone verification scamWhenever an exchange data is breached, a lot of information is leaked including your email and phone number.

When you receive a text from a number claiming to be from the exchange, it is very easy to fall for it.

For one, you wouldn’t expect scammers to know that you use that particular exchange.  

However, never click on the links.  

A good exchange always reaches out to you via email (don’t forget to hover on the link to confirm in that case).

Look for the check mark

Most of the social media platforms have a check-mark against the owner of the account.

Account verification on twitter

Look for the check-mark before you rely on the post. 

In some cases, if the offer is too good to be true even if it is from the verified account, in our opinion, it is better to stay away from it. [Remember: Twitter accounts got hacked and hackers scammed a lot of people.]


Scammers are deploying innovative tactics to scam people.  

It is important for each of us to stay vigilant. If you are aware of other creative scams that are not covered here – please share them for everyone’s benefit.

Also, remember the golden rule that applies to all your interactions on the internet: Check it before you click it.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and healthy!

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