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“Publish0x is a crypto-powered blogging platform where both publishers and readers earn crypto” says Igor Tomić, COO of Publish0x

Publish0x Interview

Most people in the crypto space have heard about Steemit. On Steemit, you can upvote your favorite content creators. When you post a comment on the content, people can upvote your comments as well, and these upvotes translate to a reward that is paid out in Steem cryptocurrency.

While the concept is amazing, Steemit lags in few areas, like:

  • Content creators get rewarded but not the readers
  • Those who comment may get rewarded, but this is not guaranteed
  • All rewards are paid out only in Steem crypto

Many projects that promise to reward the content creators have since emerged, and each of these have had similar issues as Steemit with too much focus on content creators and restricted reward system that is confined to their own native cryptocurrency.

Publish0x-RewardsPublish0x, a crypto-based blogging platform, is looking to change the landscape by rewarding the content creators and readers alike.

Igor Tomić, COO, describes the project, “Publish0x is a crypto-powered blogging platform where both publishers and readers earn crypto.”

Publish0x rewards the content creators, readers and the ambassadors who share the articles.

They do not have their own native crypto and rewards are paid out in multiple cryptocurrencies. Recently, they have been rewarding users with BAT, DAI and Hydro cryptocurrencies.


CryptoTapas reached out to Publish0x COO to ask few questions about the platform.

Cryptotapas: How big is your team?  What kind of experiences does team bring to table that you expect will contribute to Publish0x’s success?

Igor Tomić:
We’re a team of seven people right now, all with experience in different fields from different industries. Plus, we have a handful of associates who help us with certain tasks, part time. Our team consists of three developers, one designer, and three people with slightly overlapping roles focusing on operations, marketing, user experience and on content.

Cryptotapas: When will the project move from Beta to live?
Igor Tomić:
There’s a lot we still want to do before we consider that Publish0x has the basic options that we want it to have. It’s hard to give an accurate estimate, though we are not too far from that moment!

Cryptotapas: Will finding sponsors to pay for tips and reader time be sustainable in the long run?
Igor Tomić:
It is our belief that it will be sustainable in the long run. We have interest from multiple projects already, which is a good sign. Of course, we can’t know that this model will work, especially since there is no similar project out there, and in this regard Publish0x is unique.

Cryptotapas: How does Publish0x make money to sustain and build the platform?
Igor Tomić:
Publish0x is self-funded. For now, we are focused on completing and growing the platform, and not on making money. This is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future.

Cryptotapas: Will you continue to focus on Cryptos on Publish0x or is the plan to make it platform for all topics?
Igor Tomić:
The platform is open for pretty much all topics already, but in the foreseeable future our focus will be on blockchain and crypto.

Cryptotapas: Steemit allows NSFW material – is that something that Publish0x is thinking about?
Igor Tomić:
NSFW material is already allowed, and we do have plans on creating an NSFW section of the site that will be visible only to users who wish to see it.

Cryptotapas: What kind of information gets censored on Publish0x?
Igor Tomić:
publish0x guidelinesWe don’t censor posts. You can write about pretty much anything you like!

However, we do delete stolen content. Stolen content constitutes articles and images that are taken from other websites without permission, spun content, and other similar plagiarized material.

Another rule we have is that you can’t post anything inciting violence, and topics that are considered illegal. Think of stuff that the police would get involved with.

Cryptotapas: What is your grand vision for Publish0x?  What will be a wild success vs. mediocre success for Publish0x in your view?
Igor Tomić:
Publish0x will be the absolute best, number one crypto powered publishing platform. This means that Publish0x will surpass Steemit. That’s the version that is in my mind would be mediocre success.

Wild success would be taking on Medium and being recognized as its competitor, eventually surpassing it.

Cryptotapas: What motivates you and your team to work on Publish0x?
Igor Tomić:
I can only speak for myself. I do want to help make Publish0x a household name in the ‘cryptosphere’, and to help it be recognized as the biggest and the best crypto powered publishing platform.

Cryptotapas: What is your elevator pitch for Publish0x (for someone who is new to blockchain and Publish0x)?
Igor Tomić:
Publish0x is an crypto-powered blogging platform where both publishers and readers earn crypto.

Cryptotapas: How do we ensure that the articles are not lifted and pasted and ‘fake’ accounts are not created in the name of another channel?

Igor Tomić:
To ensure that articles are original, we check many articles with tools such as Copyscape. We also rely on users to report content that they recognize as copied and pasted from another website. Posting copied and pasted content that the author does not have copyright to is against Publish0x rules. Authors who get caught doing this get their authorship revoked.

For now, we are focusing on verifying channels that appear in the Team Updates category – – and we do so by verifying them via an official email, or through their official Twitter account, or similar.

So far we did not have many instances from authors impersonating other blogs or channels, but we do want them all to be verified and are looking into best ways of doing so.

Cryptotapas: Anything else you want your audience to know?
Igor Tomić:
Join Publish0x and give it a go! You can register here:

Cryptotapas: Thank you Igor for answering our questions. Wishing great success to Publish0x.

Thank you for reading the article.

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