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Projects to pay attention to before they breakout (including new recommendation)

Is a bull market around the corner? Looking for a project recommendation to invest?

We had listed out all bullish signs in one place which seem to indicate that a bullish scenario is already catapulting and it is just a matter of when rather than ‘if’ at this point.

Not all projects will do well when the bull run is here.

It is primarily because a lot of crypto investors have burned their hands in going after every shiny glittery pie in the sky promising hyped up projects.

Crypto investors are demanding EXECUTION now!

That is one of the focus of our picks in this article. These hand-picked projects are poised to do very well in the upcoming bull run because people will realize how undervalued these projects really are compared to the media grabbers like bitcoin cash or RIPple. Those projects may do well also – we just don’t care for them.

We are not invested in all of these projects, however, our shortfall on fiat should not let you miss out on some of the gems in the market that are waiting for the right moment(um).

Let’s get started.


Those who have been following our facebook group (join in) know that we are big fans of ICON.  In fact, we have been tracking ICON before its ICO days and are more confident about its future than ever before.  Of course, there are no guarantees for anything in crypto, here are few reasons for our bullish attitude on ICON.

  • Deep ties with the South Korean government
  • Serious business culture not seen in any other project in crypto space
  • Continuous and strategic partnerships
  • Targeting student base to bring more talent to develop on ICON
  • DApps launched on ICON with team’s help (They even sponsor worthy projects)
  • Incubator program targeting to launch 300 DApps over next few years
  • ICON Launch program to help bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional business models
  • Focus on Interconnectivity (they call it hyperconnected) which will be key in the coming decade in Blockchain space
  • A team that never talks price action
  • Making Wallet addresses useable (and user-friendly) with ICONick
  • Many initiatives to up their communication game (ICONist)
  • ICON beat Nano in speed at one point but stands at number 3 (and that is not even their USP) at the time of this writing
  • We can go on, but SpecRationality did a great job talking about ICON
  • You can check out our ICO article here and a broad coverage here where we put ICON in the leagues of Ethereum and NEO

What will trigger the price action?

  • Lifting of ICO bans in Korea (we expect the policies to somewhat play in favor of ICON who conducted a strict AML and KYC during ICO)
  • Multiple, exciting ICOs brought onto platform in 2019
  • Incentive program launch that will provide details on the possible passive income potential (like NEO)


We are actually including QuarkChain to our project recommendation profile through this article.  You can check the buy up to price and target information on our facebook group (its free to join).

The biggest problem that Quarkchain will help address is scalability with reliable technology backing.  One of the most professional teams backing this project and Mainnet around the corner – QuarkChain is poised for an ultimate marathon in the coming years.

Quarkchain has a shot to become one of the best ‘industry grade’ blockchain systems.  Of course, it will not be the only one – but the blockchain space itself will have room for many good industry grade systems.

Reasons for project recommendation:

  • Institutional backing that speaks to the potential, check them here (check both investors and strategic partners)
  • One of the best teams, check their profiles here
  • 1 Million On chain TPS target to meet real-world business demands
  • 16 out of 20 million where sold to private investors and ICO was one of the hardest to get into (which is only to reference the popularity and promise of this project)
  • 50% hash power from the network that provides safeguards against double spend issue
  • Supports sharding
  • Great social presence/community reputation
  • Constant progress updates in their social channels

What will trigger the price action?

  • Mainnet scheduled for Q4 (so before the end of 2018)
  • Newer versions with updated features
  • Leverage of institutional investor connections
  • Onboarding of clients and resulting PR
  • Broader awareness of its potential realized in blockchain industry

Check the buy up to price and potential for gains here.  Of course, everything here is an opinion, not an advice of any kind.


We never expected NEO to trade below $17.  But then again – crypto space has a way to humble us.

NEO will reign over China as China’s Ethereum, irrespective of whatever FUD that seems to float every time it catches a bit of steam behind it.  Whoever is playing the scare card strategy to keep accumulating NEO at a bargain price is winning.

Although it will take a while for NEO to beat its ATH prices – it is nevertheless a project that will do very well in the upcoming years in our opinion.

  • One of the strongest (and voluntary) communities
  • Amazing help available in the community to help launch DApps
  • More (and better) ICOs/DApps are expected to launch in the coming years

What will trigger the price action?

  • A bull run will live all quality projects with it, NEO definitely makes the cut
  • More ICOs using NEO (this is one of the primary reasons for Ethereum run in 2017)


We have written up a detailed article on Cindicator.  Cindicator had a price action closing it into 30 cents during the Bull frenzy end of 2017, today Cindicator is trading at around 2 cents.

Irony is that Cindcator has 10 times more analysts on their platform today than during the crazy price action.

Cindicator’s potential is hiding in the clutches of this bear market – but when the market realizes its true value – it will go on a massive run.  It belongs, in our view, in the billion dollar club.

Reasons for project recommendation

  • Good use case for Blockchain
  • Team that is most active and keeps on building connections with big players
  • Merges trading intelligence and analytics for both crypto market and traditional markets
  • Hybridizing human intuition with machine learning using AI (and team that is capable of executing)

What will trigger next price action?

  • More than 34% of the token supply is locked up to utilize the product features
  • Sheer increase in number of users of various product features will result in scarcity in the market
  • ICO review platform that will gain steam in near future
  • Demand from institutional investors trying to tap into crypto insights


0x is a platform that will have a broad impact on crypto space for the future to be built on.  Its proprietary technology will be one of the broadly used to develop and deploy DEx (Decentralized Exchanges).  Make no mistake, DEx are the future of crypto trading and 0x will be the front runner of this space.

Reasons for project recommendation

  • One of the best teams with early pioneers on board
  • Protocol to build DEx platforms that is more advanced than any other

What could trigger next price action?

  • Coinbase listed (already happened) and its traction
  • More institutional investors will pour into this project in our opinion
  • DEx released on 0x will naturally increase demand for 0x (to pay for network fees to launch on top of 0x)
  • Staking will also contribute to an increase in value/demand

Honorable mentions:


With VeChain, it is just a matter of time before people will start seeing its true potential.  Most widespread use-case of the blockchain, amazing partnerships, great community, near bottom prices (compared to its VeChain (VET) price), staking rewards and partnership with DNV GL.

Binance Coin

Binance’s DEx is expected to use Binance coin as the main pair.  IF Binance’s success as a crypto exchange is any indication – the DEx should follow the suit.


Their pitch “All managers, all brokers, all financial instruments, all kinds of assets in one interface” should be more than what one could ask for reasons.  Token supply, the team behind the project, roadmap, vision are all add-ons for this project.

Are there any projects that you think will break out during the next bull run?

Thank you for reading this article.

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