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Pi Network to launch In-App ads and nodes

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What to expect in this article?

Quick overview of in-app ads on Pi Network

Quick overview on becoming a node on Pi Network

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We have been following the updates on Pi Network closely. It looks like they are moving along with their road map. They are also looking to democratize the decisions based on feedback from the community.

For instance, after reviewing over 10,000 comments and 130,000 responses submitted through surveys about in-app ads, Pi Network has now decided to launch in-app ads.  

According to the in-app announcement, roll out will take place after in-app ads will be tested with a brief skippable video and a small banner on the screen to see which one works well from a user experience point of view.

Announcement read: “based on your 130,000 responses about ads placements, we decide to initially test the top two voted ads placements: 1) A brief video ad that you can skip after a few seconds during time wasted waiting for the app to load, but not every time you open the app (28.2% of the responses selected this option as the best ads), and 2) A small banner ad at the bottom of the screen in place of the “Send 1Pi” button (47.0% of the responses selected as the best ads). The other two placement options got respectively 12.7% and 12.1% of responses selecting them as best ads.” 

Increasing Costs to cover the project

The decision to introduce in-app ads comes from the fact that Pi Network costs to run the network.  

According to the announcement: “Our network grows and scales so fast, we need to develop a sustainable funding model that can help cover the costs of maintaining the Pi Network. The current costs of the servers and the phone verification service alone run in excess of $30,000 USD a month just to maintain the account of each Pioneer in the network, not to mention the development, maintenance and operational costs.” 

The creators of Pi Network have emphasized that although ads will be introduced the format will be selected based on feedback of user experience. “Strike the optimal balance between two key variables: ad revenue and impact on user experience,“ announcement read. 

Nodes are coming to Pi Network

Pi node

To run the decentralized network, Pi will need network strength. As the apps are only used to activate the mining and other future functionalities, Pi is requesting people to act as nodes.

A node is a computer that provides computing power to run the network.  Bitcoin was built on this model and such nodes are rewarded with native coins, in Bitcoin’s case, bitcoins and in Pi Network’s case – Pi coins.

The hardware specification, earning rate and other details are not yet available.

How to be a node on Pi Network?

If you are interested in becoming a node on Pi Network, you can go to the Pi Network App and apply to become a node. The applications are currently being reviewed and you will receive the instructions once the nodes go live.
Note: we will update this space once further instructions are provided.

Disclaimer: Except for the increase in mining rate when someone joins our network, we do not get compensated or receive any other benefits for this write up.

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