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Last week Crypto news today #33

breaking crypto news today

Belated Pizza day wishes to the cryptoers of the universe. While we can joke about the $100 Million pizzas, those 10,000 bitcoins were what started mainstream ‘commerce’ for bitcoin at the time.

And, probably it’s worth the $100 Million to have a day to commemorate the act and be part of history forever.

Goldman Sachs is hosting a conference to discuss Bitcoin

An investor conference titled “Implications of Current Policies for Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin” is scheduled to be hosted on Wednesday the 27th of May, 2020. Mike Dudas tweeted about the event stating ‘It’s happening’. Many  crypto circles are saying that this conference will probably warn ‘against’ bitcoin and NOT support it. Nevertheless, to have a mention along with gold and inflation by Goldman Sachs is a sign of great penetration of Bitcoin as an investment ‘alternative’ in the mainstream.

Mike Dudas on Twitter

It’s happening. @GoldmanSachs: “Implications of Current Policies for Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin

France tests digital Euro successfully

The tweet that translates in English to “the Banque de France has just successfully tested the use of a #blockchain on May 14 to experiment with the use of a central bank digital currency. Other experiments will be carried out in the coming weeks.” The update posted by Banque-France states that “Since the start of the year, the Banque de France has embarked on an experimental approach to central bank digital currency, aimed at exploring with partners the potential contributions of new technologies to improve the functioning of the financial markets and more particularly interbank regulations (so-called “wholesale” central bank digital currency).” Bank also posted the PDF titledProgress of the central bank digital currency experimentation process launched by the Banque de France” that goes into the detail of this experiment.

Banque de France on Twitter

????️[Communiqué] la Banque de France vient de tester le 14 mai avec succès le recours à une #blockchain pour expérimenter l’utilisation d’une monnaie digitale de banque centrale. D’autres expérimentations seront conduites dans les semaines à venir. ???? #CBDC

Brazil opens investigation on discrimination against crypto brokers

Cade counselor Lenisa Rodrigues Prado decided to proceed with the investigation on Brazil Banks discriminating against crypto brokers.  The lawsuit was filed in December 2019 by an Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in Brazil when Banco do Brasil closed the current accounts of Atlas. The lawsuit claims abusive practice and anti-competition aspects. This decision to proceed with the proceedings of the lawsuit is a great relief for Brazil and could result in a legal path forward for the crypto service providers to operate in Brazil.

Louisiana may offer license to crypto businesses

Bitlicense may be coming to Louisian soon. A House Bill no. 701 “Provides for the licensing and regulation of virtual currency businesses.”  The bill got unanimous approval from the Louisiana House of Representatives and is making its way to the State Senate.  This move, while a long way to actually creating a path for businesses to conduct business, is at least a step in the right direction.

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