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Last week Crypto news today #31

breaking crypto news today

We hope that everything is well and you are keeping safe. The uncertainty around COVID continues with people predicting 1930 depression style downturn. Others are hopeful that most of the jobs will be replaced once everything goes back to the normal.  

No one knows when that ‘normal’ will return or how it will look.  

Turning to the Crypto side of things – Bitcoin saw a major flash-crash on May 9th who some are pointing to a whale dump (purportedly $100 Million dollars worth). Reasons aside, Coinbase yet again goes offline as soon as the crash presented a buying opportunity.  We were able to open an MCO account within minutes and wrote about it: Coinbase screwed up again – we switched to [MCO].

The flash crash was an excuse for the Reddit community to unleash the meme army. And so, Bart returned to the Bitcoin meme land.  For those of you who don’t know what this means – check this out.

Bart returns to bitcoin!!!

Let’s get back to the news from the blockchain and crypto space.

Veteran Wall St. Investor Paul Tudor Jones endorses Bitcoin

Of course, the big buzz this week was about Paul Tudor Jones’s endorsement for Bitcoin. Paul called Bitcoin the ‘fast horse’, however, he is not directly buying physical bitcoin. He will be dealing with Bitcoin futures, which is still a significant endorsement coming from the traditional capital market side.  Paul is well respected on the Wall St. and is a well known figure. This endorsement will certainly put asset managers on the notice since investors don’t want to be left behind on a lucrative investment opportunity, especially something that was openly endorsed by someone with Paul’s cadre. Forbes reported “The best profit-maximizing strategy is to own the fastest horse,” Jones, the founder and chief executive officer of Tudor Investment Corp., said in a market outlook note he entitled ‘The Great Monetary Inflation.’ “If I am forced to forecast, my bet is it will be Bitcoin.”

72 Billion in equities to move to Axcore Blockchain 

The Options Clearing House (OCC) has signed a deal with Axoni to move $72 Billion equities under its deal to the blockchain and hopes to give greater control of market data to each investor directly.  This move is also expected to help reduce the auditing efforts since the data will all be vetted by the blockchain live.  Forbes reportedThrough a deal signed with New York-based Axoni, the upgraded stock-lending platform, which now has $72 billion in equities on loan across the Americas, will see each participant in a deal run their own nodes on the Axcore blockchain, giving them direct access to the same pool of data in real-time, instead of having to rely on a series of time-consuming messages asking for and receiving data.”  

Telegram update: Free TON community launches TON Crystal token

Given the court case and all, Telegram Crypto project has hit a roadblock.  That has not stopped the community from creating a new project called Free TON.  This project will have its own token called TON Crystal.  “Since we believe in freedom of speech, in information sharing, and in free software, we have decided to give the power back to the community and unanimously proclaim the launch of the Free TON blockchain and the Free TON Crystal (or TON for short) as its native token,” reads the Free TON page. About 150 companies and individuals have already signed the Declaration of Decentralization.  The project already has 2358 validators at the time of this writing against the minimum of 300.  The project was unveiled live on YouTube, for those of you who are interested in watching that event, below is the video.

The Launch of Free TON

Hi all, we are going to start at 14.00 CET. Please take your seats! Livestream starts at 41:48. See also: Free TON website: Blockchain Ex…

Chiliz and UFC announce Global Partnership

Blockchain based fan-engagement platform, Chiliz, has entered into an exclusive partnership with UFC.  Chiliz will use its voting and rewards app on this partnership.  The announcement disclosed that “ has partnered with major soccer clubs including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain,  Atlético de Madrid, Galatasaray, AS Roma, CA Independiente and esports giants OG to produce club-branded digital assets known as Fan Tokens. Using Chiliz $CHZ, the cryptocurrency that powers, Fan Tokens can be bought and sold via the app’s Marketplace or via the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange for sports & entertainment, Fan Tokens give the owner the right to vote in club-designated polls and earn once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”

CoinLinked to enable users to purchase any product from any website

A project launched by Wall St. Veteran, Jenny Q. Ta, called CoinLinked will give crypto-holders the ability to buy any product from any ecommerce website in the world.  The press release notes “Our aim is to grow the crypto industry by connecting the traditional marketplaces of today with the digital currencies of tomorrow,” said Jenny Q. Ta, CEO and Founder of CoinLinked. “We’ve designed this platform to vastly simplify the spending of digital assets, making the buying process smoother, faster, more intuitive, and more convenient for today’s crypto-holder. By combining a simple and efficient drop-shipping solution with a robust rewards system, the evolution of Social Networthing® takes on a whole new meaning. Especially in light of this new world we’re entering due to COVID-19, we’re streamlining the entire e-commerce process for people who want to move away from the dangers of spending or holding physical currency and want to purchase essential or other goods with crypto-payments.” 

3 blockchain projects partners with Telangana, India on Blockchain Accelerator 

Telangana Blockchain newsMatic Network, Harmony and æternity have entered into partnership with T-Block Accelerator, an initiative of Telangana Blockchain District. “A first-of-its-kind public blockchain accelerator organised by Telangana government and Tech Mahindra and run by IBC Media, an innovation management company, T-Block Accelerator is aimed at startups that have a strong blockchain use-case; thereby accelerating the startup growth and therefore contributing to the growth of the overall industry,” according to the news.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. Stay safe and healthy!

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Bart Image Source: “El Barto” by LudvigVonConrad is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


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