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Last week Crypto news today #30

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Many States in the US have started reopening in the midst of the Corona pandemic. As the world COVID cases get close to 3.6 million, the world is eager to open.  

While one side of the world is busy with COVID issues, the other side of the blockchain world is busy making strides.  We have WEF releasing blockchain kit to tackle the mismanagement of food supply, Voatz successfully conducting voting through blockchain app, and more.

World Economic Forum releases Blockchain Toolkit

World Economic Forum blockchainWEF released a blockchain tool kit containing modules on many aspects including Digital Identity, Interoperability, Data protection, tax implications, legal and regulatory compliance, Cybersecurity, Risk factors and more.  The executive summary states “Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how companies compete and stakeholders collaborate in the world of supply chains. As the technology is nascent, the World Economic Forum has published this toolkit to provide guidance for development and deployment of new blockchain solutions.”

Utah Republican Convention uses blockchain voting platform

Utah’s GOP convention which concluded on April 25th has picked their nominees using blockchain election platform, Voatz. Given the lock down restrictions, the use of blockchain based application for people to cast their vote from the convenience of their smartphones is timely. Voatz has been used before in Massachusetts, Oregon, Denver and now in Utah. Voatz website invites people to “use your smartphone to vote remotely and anonymously, and verify that your vote was counted correctly.”

Sony develops Rights Management System for digital content using Blockchain

In a press release, Sony announced “the development of a rights management system for digital content that utilizes blockchain technology*1. This new system is based on Sony and Sony Global Education’s previously developed system for authenticating, sharing, and rights management of educational data, and additionally features functionality for processing rights-related information.” Sony wants to continue to invest in the potential of blockchain.  In the same press release they indicated that “Sony Group is also considering innovative ways to make use of blockchain technology for information management and data distribution in a host of different fields. Through the technological development and commercialization of blockchains, including with this new system, Sony will continue exploring the possibilities that blockchain technology holds for Sony Group’s diverse and wide-ranging business domains.”

Target and General Mills join Hedera blockchain through Coupon Bureau

HederaHashgraph-ethereum-killerCoupon Bureau, a non-profit industry managed data exchange platform has joined Hedera Hashgraph blockchain to prevent coupon fraud.  With the Coin Bureau on board – it brings with it brand names like Target and General Mills onto Hedera indirectly.  “The main work that the Coupon Bureau, whose advisory committee includes members from Target, General Mills, and GS1, does is to work with leading CPG manufacturers coupon issuing brands, as well as with accelerators that provide access to point-of-sale systems at leading retailers that represent almost 70 percent of the US retail market,” Forbes reported.

Andreessen Horowitz announces $515 Million Crypto Fund II

“Investments made in internet technologies over the last several decades have given rise to products and services used everyday by billions of people, including messaging, video conferencing, ecommerce and everything in between. We think it’s important to keep investing in the long-term development of the internet to address the needs of the coming decades. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new $515 million fund that will be used to invest in crypto networks and businesses,” the announcement disclosed. The fund will work in the areas of Next Generation Payments, Modern Store of Value, Decentralized Finance, New ways for creators to Monetize and Web 3.

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