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Last week Crypto news today #27

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World is still in the grips of the COVID.  However, blockchain and crypto seem to make progress, even if slowly, during these pandemic times. First public bitcoin fund launched in Canada, Visa ties up with Fold to offer Bitcoin as a ‘reward’ benefit, Reddit may be experimenting with community points on blockchain, and more.

3iq Corp launches first public bitcoin fund on a major stock exchange 

After Ontario Securities Commission rules in its favor to start the Bitcoin Fund, 3iq has finally launched its Bitcoin Fund after a successful IPO. Gemini will act as the custodian for 3iq Bitcoin Fund. “’The Bitcoin Fund’ just launched on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is the first public bitcoin fund listed on a major global stock exchange. Proud that @Gemini was selected as the custodian for this fund. Congrats to @3iq_corp for making history!” Tyler Winklevoss tweeted.  3iq will use an index based on performance of Bitcoin using the data from top exchanges: Binance, Bitflyer, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gemini, Itbit, and Kraken.

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‘The Bitcoin Fund’ just launched on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is the first public bitcoin fund listed on a major global stock exchange. Proud that @Gemini was selected as the custodian for this fund. Congrats to @3iq_corp for making history!

Bitcoin gets a shot at mass adoption with Visa

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin is getting a boost from credit card giant Visa Inc., which joined startup Fold to offer a card that earns rewards denominated in the cryptocurrency instead of airline miles or cash,” reported Bloomberg.  Visa’s stance toward cryptocurrency has evolved over time.  With Fold partnership – users will have the option to receive rewards of up to 10% in bitcoin. 

Reddit is experimenting with point system based on Ethereum blockchain

Everyone is going at the ‘possibility’ of Reddit introducing a point system based on ERC20 (Ethereum blockchain) on Android (at this point).  At this point, it is not clear as to who has access and when this will be rolled out on a broad level. A reddit post garnered a lot of discussion and crypto outlets picked on the reddit post and have been circulating it as ‘news’. At this point, the tokens do not seem to have any trade value or exchange value outside the Reddit ecosystem.  We have to wait for official confirmation and rollout at this point.

UPDATE: Reddit’s blockchain-based points system confirmed to be on Ethereum, and lot more!

r/CryptoCurrency: The official source for CryptoCurrency News, Discussion & Analysis.

Fast Campus launches Bite Degrees on ICON’s Broof 

“The fast campus introduced ‘broof’ for the issuance of the bytedigree certificate, which increased the reliability and work efficiency of the certificate,” according to a medium post.  According to twitter from Markus of C-Rep launch on Broof is expected to help with: “1. Diversification of contents of Byte Degree (certificate); 2. Reducing unnecessary operating resources; Reasonable cost.”  Byte Degree on Fast Campus is already leveraged by Amazon, Kakao, etc.,

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?@Helloiconworld ICON’s Broof used by massive ?? education company, Fast Campus. REAL use case. 3 reasons why they chose it:”1. Diversification of contents of Byte Degree (certificate)2. Reducing unnecessary operating resources3. Reasonable cost.”

‘Skyscanner’ for bitcoin launched by oobit

“Using AI, the platform compares the best prices to buy bitcoin—aggregating the data, much like the same way that Skyscanner does for flights,” Bloomberg reported. Oobit has recently partnered with coinbase for the ‘wallet and custodial services.’  Oobit is also simplifying the KYC requirements – users who complete their KYC with oobit will receive a pass which can be used as KYC on all platforms that have tie ups with oobit. 

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