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Last Week Crypto News Today #12

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We were at CoinAgenda and World Crypto Conference (WCC) in Las Vegas last week and one thing was certain from the energy that emanated from the sessions: 

  • Crypto is here to stay.  

  • Blockchain is here to disrupt.  

  • No one can change it.  

  • Pandora’s box has been opened.  

Either we can be part of the future that will be or we can sit back and hope for a messiah to save us all which ultimately leads to another oligarchic regime.

Representatives from EY, SAP, Samsung and many reputed organizations were on the panels.  

This week’s blockchain and crypto news also reiterates what WCC panels have said:  Enterprises are embracing Blockchain and it is here to disrupt.

China to launch Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) soon and a RUMOR alert

China Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP)-Coinjazeera China is rushing to launch its Central Bank Digital Currency sooner than anticipated.  Mark Zuckberberg’s comments on Libra as a leverage to protect USD dominance through a digital currency probably struck a nerve with China and they are speeding up the process of making National Digital Currency a reality.  While this Tweet from CF40 confirmed that DCEP is underway, CoinJazeera has outdone itself by declaring that the new digital currency will be called XitCoin and that it has already launched – this is potentially a rumor since no other major outlets have reported on this. Whether this DCEP is called Xitcoin or not, one thing is clear – if the United States does not act – they may lose reigns on the world reserve currency.

Samsung launching Blockchain Platform SDK

According to the Samsung’s news release, Samsung is launching Blockchain Platform SDK which they claim “is a comprehensive solution that tackles two of the biggest obstacles in expanding the DApp ecosystem: security and the complexity of building a mobile-compatible DApp.”  Samsung has been slowly creeping into the blockchain on smartphone space and had more tools available on their phones than any other competitor, including:  Wallet App, Blockchain Keystore and now they are introducing Blockchain Platform SDK. This is good news for the broader space as it validates the future viability of blockchain.

Bitcoin beats American Express as a method of payment in Italy

 bitcoin vs american express In an analysis carried out by SEMrush, Italians prefer PayPal, PostePay and…. BITCOIN.  In that order. American Express took 4th place with 189,000 transactions per month while Bitcoin was used 215,800 times in the same period.  PayPal has over 1.3 Million transactions per month. While Bitcoin’s transaction count is not as impressive as PayPal, the fact that more and more countries are accepting it as a regular payment method shows how quickly bitcoin is penetrating into the financial system.  Google translation reveals “The Bitcoins, in fact, until not long ago, were regarded with suspicion and skepticism by most consumers, who could not fully understand its meaning. Even today, most e-commerce sites do not accept this payment method, nevertheless, it is a tool that, in the last year, seems to have been used often in our country. The month in which the highest number of Bitcoin payments was recorded is June 2019 (368,000 times).”

Argentina increases restrictions on buying USD

bitcoin adoption in argentinaIn an effort to revitalize the economy, Argentina has increased restrictions on Argentine Citizens buying US Dollar to $200 per month through banks and $100 per month in cash.  This was a sharp reduction from the earlier $10,000 per month limit. Argentinian’s have been using USD as a reserve currency to protect their wealth.   As more and more people pull out their money from the Pesos and convert them to US Dollars, the inflation just kept rising with no end in sights. Most crypto evangelists are calling out to Argentinians to buy Bitcoin with slogans such as “if you have to ask permission, it’s not your money.”

Airport identity verification is coming to Blockchain

Airports using blockchainZamna, a blockchain startup, has raised $5 Million to enhance blockchain-powered identity verification to simplify the security system at the airports.  According to this news, Zamna’s spokesperson commented “The aspiration is that, as more passenger identities are verified digitally over time and shared securely between parties, the airport security process will become automated and passengers will be able to travel through the airport without needing any physical documentation or repeated ID checks.”

Samsung Blockchain SDK adds TRON

At least some of the hypes that Justin Sun touts are coming true.  While the lunch with Warren Buffet might have been a bust but his claims on Samsung partnership have come to pass, although, we wouldn’t call it a partnership.  Samsung has integrated Tron platform on its Blockchain SDK along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Klaytn.

eToro’s teaser trailer goes Goojybooboo

Finally, on a lighter note, eToro’s teaser trailer goes Goojybooboo.  eToro released a teaser trailer that is making people curious about what to come and what goojybooboo means…we just have to wait and see!


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