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How to Get Bitcoin for Free?

Free Bitcoin

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With the advancements in blockchain technology, most of the investors these days are planning to make profits via cryptocurrency. Although the market is loaded with numbers of digital currencies, no one can beat the influence of Bitcoin. It is one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies out there to make profitable investments. There are so many benefits of investing in Bitcoin; the list includes freedom, low fee, and security. Furthermore, bitcoin can be used for multiple applications. Many big brands are also accepting bitcoins for general sales purchase online. In short, the increasing popularity of this digital currency is bringing new opportunities to the investors.

Those who are new to this world of digital investments might be eager to know the best ways to get more profitable deals for bitcoin. The great news is that many sources are also offering bitcoin for free. Yeah! You can earn more bitcoins by making a few simple efforts online.

Below we have highlighted a few simple methods to get bitcoins for free:

Updated Feb 2020:

Lolli – earn up to 30% BTC while shopping for your favorite brands

Lolli helps you earn rewards in bitcoin while shopping your favorite brands.  They have over 500 brands in their program like GAP, Expedia,, and many more.
How it works?
It is very easy to use Lolli.  You install their plugin on your browser (Brave, Chrome and FireFox are supported along with others), when you visit any of the sites that Lolli has partnered with, you will be notified as to how much you can earn in Bitcoin rewards.  Once you reach the minimum $15 payout, you can either withdraw in Bitcoin or cash to your bank account.  This definitely helps people get into bitcoin, even if it is indirectly.  To avoid abuse of this tool, they have a condition on payouts, according to their website “Rewards become available after they have been confirmed. Reward confirmation occurs once the partner’s reward locking period has passed. This is typically 30-90 days, the return period, after your initial purchase or completed stay.”

1. Earn Bitcoins through payments

Blockchain-MoneyThe easiest way to earn bitcoins is by accepting them in the form of payments. No matter whether you are running a small business or own a large brand in the market, it is easier to use bitcoin as a secure payment method. It works for both online businesses as well as to the brick and mortar shops. No matter what kind of products or services you are selling; get a bitcoin wallet and let your customers make payments through this superior cryptocurrency.

You can avail a free bitcoin wallet online from Coinbase. However, there are few other bitcoin wallet providers as well; you can check the offers with LocalBitcoins as well. They offer free wallets with a wide range of functions. You can make use of QR codes to accept payments in the form of Bitcoins. In order to complete transactions, your customers simply need to install a Bitcoin app on their handsets, and they can make an instant purchase by entering values in the form of EUR or USD. The app can calculate respective bitcoin value automatically to accept payments.

2. Earn Bitcoins by performing tasks online

bitcoin adoptionsIf you are not satisfied with the first method, here comes the most interesting and valuable trick to earn bitcoins online. There are so many websites online that can help you get free Bitcoins. The idea is quite simple, users simply need to visit some websites online, and by spending some time over there, they can get some Bitcoins for free. It is something like watching free TV and also getting paid for that. It is not always just about ads; sometimes you will also find something interesting to watch such as movies or film clips.

Well, this is a very legitimate concept, and it can help you earn huge amounts of Bitcoins even without spending much of your time. In actual, you get bitcoins for the time you spend on these clips online. There is a long list of websites that you can use for this purpose. Few of them are listed below:

  • ADS4BTC:
    You can earn numbers of Bitcoins by simply watching videos and websites at ads4btc. Simply click on every advert in a day and watch it for 5 to 60 seconds. The service provides offer 1000 Satoshi/click. The reward may seem smaller, but when you follow this practice on a regular basis, it can easily improve balance in your bitcoin wallet.
  • CoinAdder:
    Another website with a very similar concept is named as CoinAdder. Here also users need to watch few videos and websites; as a return they will get few Satoshi. Although the rewards offered per click by this website are also smaller; but you should count on the duration you spend watching these ads.
  • VidyBit:
    It is also possible to earn bitcoins by watching videos on Vidybit. Spare as much time to earn more coins into your wallet. This website offers a huge collection of advertisement; the more you watch them, the more you earn. Prefer to watch most of them while you are traveling; you will be able to make the best of your time.
    One can also earn Bitcoins from for making some purchases in the form of Bitcoins. There is no need to create an account on this platform. You can use your bitcoin address to get more bitcoins online.
  • CoinWorker:
    If you are more engaged with the technical field; it is also possible to earn bitcoins on CoinWorker for completing some analytical tasks. You will be happy to hear that this website offers higher payouts for every small task performed online.
  • BitFortip:
    Here is something more interesting; you can also earn bitcoins by simply answering a few questions on the forums online. This platform has gained more popularity online because it brings people with a similar mindset in the same place. Here you will find people that are interesting to know more about Bitcoins. For answering questions online, you will get bitcoin as reward. The instant transfers make this platform more reliable choice for investors.

3. Earn bitcoins through mining

Bitcoin miningIf you are deeply connected to the Bitcoin industry, you might be aware of the concept of mining. The moment you start mining, your computer is likely to add new blockchain transactions to the public ledger that is better named as Blockchain. Note that, a block in the ledger is a file that contains details about the latest transactions on Bitcoin. The moment your computer discovers a new block, you will be awarded certain number of Bitcoins online.

There are numbers of bitcoin mining pools that you can use to generate more numbers of bitcoins online. The process basically involves generating some prize in the form of Bitcoins for the minors who are able to solve some critical mathematical problem. Some of the most popular bitcoin mining pools are listed below:

This mining pool was established in 2010, and it is still one of the most popular platforms online. It offers score-based mining facility so that chances of cheating can be avoided. Moreover, the user-friendly and interactive dashboard make it more suitable to the beginners around. SlushPool is basically a medium-large sized pool that claims 2% fee as a reward for solving a block. This platform keeps on gaining new features with each update and seems more interesting choice for beginners and experienced investors as well.

Here is a medium size bitcoin mining pool that is operated by Bitmain Technologies. It allows easy options for profitable mining such as PPLNS that works with 0% fee and PPS that offers 2% from mining fee and 4% out of block reward. Bitcoin miners that are looking for a clean and handy interface can enjoy greater earnings on this platform. You will be happy to hear that there are plenty of security options such as wallet locks, email alerts, and two-factor authentication to make all your transactions safe and secure. is famous for their wallet and blockchain explorer platform. These experts are serving bitcoin investors since 2016, and the platform is owned by Bitmain Tech. follows unique payment method though FPPS; it is almost same as that of PPS+ but includes the essential TX fee along with the payments. The payment threshold, in this case, is 0.001 BTC, and it charges 1.5% for every transaction.

F2Pool is a famous medium-large pool that was introduced earlier in the year 2013. It works with PPS+ reward system and takes 2.5% fee for transactions. The great news is that F2Pool also supports mining of Zcash, Ethereum, and Litecoin as well. This interface works in the English language, and the layout is quite simple to assist beginners in the industry.

Kano CKPool:
Kano CKPool is also named as Kano Pool, and it is serving minors all over the world from 2014. The payment model followed by this pool is PPLNS, and it charges a 0.9% fee for each transaction. Also, in order to receive payouts, you need to wait for confirmation of +101 blocks online. This pool is recommended more for it’s extra later of security in the form of two-factor authentication, but beginners may not find it that easier to understand.

This mining pool was launched recently in the year 2016, and the company headquarters are in China. The mining facility is not just limited to Bitcoin only; they also provide services for Dash, ZEC, ETH, BCH and LTC mining. ViaBTC offers both PPLNS and PPS payment methods with 2% and 4% fee range respectively. They are known for high uptime that is rated to be somewhere around 99.99%.
Here is the newest pool in the market that is also owned by a China-based company. It was introduced in 2017 and worked as a medium-sized pool. At present, it is working like a private pool so other people cannot join the platform. Moreover, the website is available only in the Chinese language.

4. Earn Bitcoins through Gambling

You can also earn bitcoins for playing some games online. Yeah! There are many big brands that allow players to play their recently launched games online, and the prizes are offered in the form of bitcoins. The more you play, more prizes you can win, and it will naturally boost your earnings.

Many dice websites allow users to get a free balance to enjoy games online. Although you start with very small amount; but your gaming skills can soon take you to the next level. There are many such websites online such as 999Dice and PrimeDice. Whether players can gain access to actual games or not, it is completely dependent on their jurisdiction, but one can withdraw the earned amount anytime from anywhere. In order to earn more, you can even learn some new dice strategies online by following some exert tutorials and enjoy heavy payments.

There are many incredible options for free Bitcoin generation in the gambling world. CloudBet offers the estimated deposit bonus of 1:1. You can enjoy sports betting along with regular casino games on this platform. It also includes video chat feature for additional entertainment. Stake is another famous crypto gambling space that works on Roulette or Blackjack concept. It offers faucet for five different currencies to get started.

5. Affiliate programs to earn bitcoins

Affiliate email marketing to get bitcoinHow can we forget to talk about this amazing option to earn Bitcoins for free? You will be happy to hear that affiliate programs are an integral part of the business industry and the concept is equally beneficial for cryptocurrency world as well. In this case, you can earn considerable amounts of bitcoins for referring services or products to a friend.

247 Exchange:

There are plenty of options online to earn more through affiliate programs. You can get started with 247 Exchange that allows users to exchange Bitcoins for numbers of digital and physical currencies. The minimum payment threshold on this platform is $1, and it offers up to 30% commissions from people that an affiliate recruit ahead.


Many people also like CEX.IO platform for enjoying cloud mining. It provides best facilities for buying and selling bitcoins while offering services to trade them as well. You can enjoy 30% commissions for all the transactions that are executed after your referral.


Plus500 is another famous trading platform that allows easy trading options for cryptocurrencies. At the same time, you can also deal with indices, shares, and Forex as well. Users reveal that it is possible to earn almost $100 to $700 for every referred trader. Other than this, affiliates can also avail 10% monthly commission on this platform.


Here is another platform that provides online trading services in multiple currencies. The affiliate program, in this case, offers direct as well as indirect referral fee. You can earn up to 20% commissions for referrals on VirWoX. Experts reveal that it offers the most convenient way to earn Bitcoins through PayPal based transactions.

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