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How Bitcoin and Crypto can liberate people to help each other!

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How Bitcoin and Crypto can liberate people to help each other!

I was watching this video about the atrocities of China and its authoritarian regime. 

Gravitas: Three Gorges Dam | China’s dam of doom | China floods | WION

China’s Three Gorges Dam is one of the most controversial infrastructure projects. The dam flooded 13 cities, 140 towns, and 1,352 villages when it was built…

I kept thinking, if I and few of my friends could pitch in, we could literally change one life for sure…life of this lady and her family.

But alas, we don’t have a way to help…because this person is probably unbanked or banked with an institute that will require us to jump 100 meter red tape to help.

Again, we do not like China’s authoritarian regime.

But the people of China must be just like us. With simple wishes and desires to get through life.

If governments keep screwing people like these, people can come to the rescue to save each other, no matter where they live on this bright blue planet of ours.

However, the biggest strength that the government has over each of us is the ‘system’.

A system that demands slavery from its citizens to the rules that thwart the welfare of its citizens every step of the way.

For the record, I hate China and its authoritarian regime. I do not hate the people of China.  

I think they are just like me, trying to get by with their lives in peace and not to be bothered.

But what are they supposed to do when the Government (or anti-social elements) steal what is rightfully theirs?

They can seek help but the current system keeps them outside of the realms of ‘receiving help’.

This is why we love Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and what they represent.  

People helping each other without the red tape.

Someone might argue that the anti-social elements can also use this powerful weapon for their ill-goals.  

Yes, we agree.

What’s stopping them from using ‘physical cash’?

At least, with bitcoin and crypto, every transaction can be forever tracked.  That means, if some anti-social elements were to use bitcoin and crypto for sick activities, they can be tracked forever.

Can you track someone who uses cash?    

No chance.

So, our belief in Crypto only gets stronger by the minute because of the immense potential it offers people to become their own banks and decide how their hard earned money is spent.

I think this is a basic right that every person deserves!?

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. Stay safe and healthy!

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