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FUD & FOMO Checker

Answer these simple questions to find our your Fud and FOMO level

Is it too good to be true?
Did you do your research?
Are the fundamentals based on which you invested (or would invest) valid and intact?
Have you invested (or thinking to invest) more than you can afford to lose?
Are you about to jump the gun based on some influencer without doing your own due diligence
Has your source of information been reliable before? Can you trust it now?
Does the source of your information/social media influencer have any conflict of interest? (like receiving commissions, being associated with the project, etc.)
Confirmation bias: Have you sought contrarian sources for well-rounded research?
Are you making this decision because of boredom (aka market consolidation)?
This test is for entertainment purposes only. It is not an advice of any kind.
Respondent's score
Score What it means What to do?
0 to 3 If your score is <3, then you are acting with FUD or FOMO FUD, FOMO Alert!
Take a deep breath, take a break and research more
4 to 6 If your score is between 4 and 6, you have done the ground work but need to study more You are on right track, continue your due diligence before deciding (specifically check the confirmation bias)
7 or higher If your score is higher than 7, you are grounded in your rationale (whatever that is for you) You rock! Keep making decisions on solid information

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