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CryptoTapas wishes the Consensus 2018 the very best!

Consensus this year holds a very special place in the world of cryptos and blockchain. Between the last consensus to this one, crypto market went from euphoria of all time highs to heartbreaking FUD, bans in places where crypto hodlers were looking up with hopeful eyes and were sprayed with pepper spray.

When the pain cleared, bears engulfed the market for months that felt like decades.  

It was not all doom though, the new and the weak entered and exited the market between December and February.  Market slowly started picking itself up on the shoulders of strong hodlers. This was the period of test for true hodlers and they passed with flying colors.

While SEC hearing was bland, the joint CFTC/SEC hearing gave cryptoers an unexpected hero in the form of Christopher Giancarlo to lift the spirits, like the chicken soup on a cold and low day.  

Changed perspectives, changed hopes

Consensus comes at a time when the perspective on cryptos is changing for the better.  Not just among the millennials but among the institutions with deep pockets. While they are waiting on the sidelines for market to offer more secured avenues to jump in, revelations at Consensus is expected to trigger a new rally in the market.

New highs, new benchmarks

Even when we know that the high from these kind of conferences doesn’t last long, everytime there is a new rally, crypto market finds yet another new bottom.  Market went from 7 Billion in early 2016 to 18 Billion at the beginning of 2017 and when the huge rally took the market to 800 billion in late December of 2017, everyone knew it was not going to sustain there for long, but when it crashed and recovered, market has found its new bottom at $400 Billion.  

Still a staggering 2100% overall raise in 2017.

2018 is yet to start for crypto

While for an average investor, 2100% in a year is a true dream come true, nothing in crypto space is average.  Many experts have indicated (even proclaimed) that Bitcoin in particular and crypto market in general is poised for a 10x growth this year.  

Of the many triggers that could start the new rally, many point to the Consensus.

It’s not all about the money, but it is about the money and technology

There has never been a time in recent history when an average individual with small amount to invest could afford to get in before the financial institutions and hope to reap big.  

Crypto market presented that rare stage for transfer of wealth.  

With 1000s of investors, technology demonstrations, eyes of the whole world looking up with anticipation (and don’t forget the NSA/FBI/other agencies lingering in the corridors taking the pulse and collecting business cards) – this Consensus could reward the brave hodlers that weathered the recent winter with sweet rewards.

We anticipate that new projects will be unveiled.  New partnerships will be revealed. New collaborations will spring up. New avenues for the crypto adoption will be discussed.  New life and capital will flow into the crypto space, starting this Consensus.

CryptoTapas wishes the Consensus 2018 all the very best!

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