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Crypto Roundup: All Your YouTube Influencers in One Place | 25-Oct-2020

Crypto Roundup

Bookmark this page to get a dose of all your favorite Crypto YouTube influencers in one place.  

Worried about missing updates from your favorite YouTube crypto influencers?  

Welcome to the Crypto Roundup. 

On this page, we will post a quick summary of the videos from some of the most popular YouTube crypto influencers.

Ivan on Tech  Altcoin Daily

Crypto Zombie Box Mining

Ellio Trades Lark Davis

Data Dash Bitboy Crypto

MMCrypto Chico Crypto

Altcoin Daily

Video title: Watch Before 2020 Ends! Cryptocurrency About To Explode In 2021! Bitcoin & Ethereum Just The Start!

Date: 25-Oct-20

– This will be the biggest wealth transfer you will be witnessing in 2021.

– Besides bitcoin and ethereum,what other coins are cycle holds.

– Kanye West on Joe Rogen, says bitcoin is the liberation of America and humanity.

Crypto Lark


Date: 26-Oct-2020

– We are only 5% away from closing the biggest monthly candle ever for bitcoin. 

– $20000 likely to come a lot sooner than a lot of people expect.

– Ex hedge fund manager, Michael Novogratz is highly bullish on Crypto.

– Paypal’s move into crypto is creating a panic in other financial institutions for not getting into crypto sooner.

– JP Morgan is changing its perspective over bitcoin and is now bullish

Elio Trades

Video Title: IGNORE THE NOISE! HUGE Altcoin Gains Still Happening

Date: 26-Oct-2020

Alts have equal space with bitcoin and they will rise along with it. Yes, there might be moments where alts will bleed for a while when bitcoin is on the rise and eventually alts will rise. This happened even back in 2017.

Crypto Zombie


Date: 25-Oct-20

We are now in extremely greedy territory, could be the sign for bitcoin being overbought or it could be the signs of a massive bull run ahead.

According to Raoul Paul, Gold is breaking down against bitcoin. 

Cryptocurrency is getting more and more mainstream attention referring to Kevin Hart’s show.

It is still possible that we may hit all time highs by the end of this year.

Evan on Tech

Video Title: NOO WAY!! CHINA SECRETLY BUYING BITCOIN!! [MUST SEE ASAP], Harvest Hack – Programmer explains

Date: 23-Oct-2020

– Digital Currencies are the future, says founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma.

– Harvest finance gets hacked for 24M and the deployer gets sent 2.5 million back.

– Ledger scam emails are running currently. The scammers are sending out fake emails asking the users to secure their accounts by downloading and upgrading the wallet and there by stealing your private keys. Stay safe.

Chico Crypto

Video Title: The Next BIG “Hype Wave” Isn’t DeFi or NFTs!! It’s This…

Date: 25-Oct-2020

We have seen hype waves in DeFI, then in NFT’s and we could see the next hype wave Digital Identities on the blockchain.

Bitboy Crypto

Video Title: Bitcoin, DeFi , Yield Farming, and Ethereum Update

Date: 25-Oct-2020

NFT’s could give you multifold profits in the coming altcoin bull run.

NFTs change the way you own things. 

The 5 projects that Ben is bullish on, in the below order, are:

  1. Enjin
  2. Sandbox
  3. Rarible
  4. Wax
  5. Eight Hours Foundation (EHRT)

Bookmark this page to get a dose of all your favorite Crypto YouTube influencers in one place.

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Stay safe and healthy!

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