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Crypto News Today #52

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On ramps are being built to pave the world’s businesses to the blockchain. Latest in this trajectory is EY, one of the world’s big 4 accounting firms, who has built a solution to onboard businesses onto blockchain.

EY launches Ethereum Solution ONP

OpsChain Network Procurement (ONP) which is expected to help convert the procurement contracts into digital smart contracts and automate volume discounts/rebates has been launched by Ernst & Young (EY) on Ethereum Blockchain. EY is one of the Big 4 accounting firms in the world that has been eyeing to be at the forefront of blockchain technology and this ONP is a great addition to its forte. “EY OpsChain Network Procurement supports network-level business processes by moving those business processes outside of any single ERP system and into a shared blockchain-based smart contract. It builds upon EY experience with other procurement activities, such as software royalty calculations, where shifting to blockchain-based contracts has compressed cycle times by more than 90% and cut costs by 40%,” according to the press release.

KuCoin hack hauls $130 Million, creates a stir re: decentralization

KuCoin got hacked during the week for 100s of millions of dollars.  However, according to the KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu substantial part of those stolen funds have been recovered. Over $200 Million in stolen funds have been recovered. While many crypto maximalists were furious at the fact that KuCoin and the projects supporting KuCoin were able to freeze the funds in the suspected accounts, some argued that the key tenet of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the ability to be not shut down by an external force. Say what may – this recovery of funds has been welcomed by those who use KuCoin. In a clear twist of the plot, KuCoin was able to turn these things around and instill confidence in the exchange. The latest in this hack thriller is that KuCoin claims to have located the hackers and are now working with the authorities to take the legal action.

The man who called banking system a scam buys his first Bitcoin

The UK politician whose speech against the banking scam has been referred to by crypto communities, Godfrey Bloom,  has tweeted that he made his first purchase of Bitcoin. 


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