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Crypto News Today #47

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Is the US losing the race of Central Bank Digital Currency to China?  

We personally believe that it’s not just the first mover advantage that matters when you aspire to be the global reserve currency.

We trust the US (even with its own flaws and bureaucracy) more than China.

Why is that trust factor important now?  

Because, it seems a race is underway right in front of the oblivious world.  A race to dominate the digital currency space.  China is enjoying the ‘early adopter’ status now, but the US is not too far behind as it ramps up its plans to launch its own CBDC.

IRS Memo clarifies that virtual currency received in microtasks is taxable

IRS memo 202035011 clarified that the virtual currency received for performing microtasks is considered taxable. The question posed to the IRS “Is convertible virtual currency received by an individual for performing a microtask through a crowdsourcing or similar platform taxable income?” was referenced and the conclusion was arrived stating that “Yes, a taxpayer who receives convertible virtual currency in exchange for performing a microtask through a crowdsourcing platform has received consideration in exchange for performing a service, and the convertible virtual currency received is taxable as ordinary income.”

Chinese bank disables digital asset wallet due to attention

There is such a thing called too much attention.  Chinese Commercial Bank (CCB), one of the four major banks in China, had a silent launch of its digital asset wallet on their official CCB app.  However, the crypto community got the wind of this capability; the news spread like a wild-fire and CCB disabled the feature to avoid too much attention to the matter, which seems like a moot point now as the news has become a sensation. “The brief availability of the wallet shows the Chinese commercial bank has been working towards adoption for the digital yuan initiative, also known as DCEP, which is led by the Peoples’ Bank of China (PBoC),” read the news.

Chainlink acquires DECO from Cornell University

Chainlink logoIn a press release, Chainlink announced that they have acquired a new technology to bring HTTPS/TLS data security capabilities to Chainlink.  “By extending the data security capabilities of HTTPS and TLS, the most widely formats for transmitting all internet data, DECO is able to guarantee that data remains private and untampered with during its delivery from various private and premium data sources. It does so by employing advanced cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs from any server using HTTPS/TLS, without revealing that data to the outside world or even to the final computation using the data. DECO creates a new method of providing private and premium data across the internet, while maintaining its confidentiality and security at previously unachievable levels,” press release informed.

Another company moves to Bitcoin as reserve

Founder of Snappa, Christopher Gimmer, wrote an extensive thesis on why he believes Bitcoin to be better money and hedge against failing fiat. He announced that his company is moving to Bitcoin as ‘reserve’ currency.  This is in the wake of MicroStrategy moving $250 Million cash to Bitcoin as reserve.

Cardano & Bidali to bring crypto to retail

cardano staking newsBidali, a payments processing company that is bridging the gap between traditional payment systems with digital currencies has partnered with Emurgo to bring Cardano to retail payments. In a press release, Emurgo announced that “it has entered into a strategic partnership with Bidali. The partnership enables ADA holders to directly purchase items from more than 1,200 major retail brands, such as Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, Airbnb, and many more via Bidali’s online gift card platform.”

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