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Free CryptoYou may have seen in our about section, we brothers run this site because we believe in a crypto future and we want to connect with the tribe that believes in such a future too.

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The fact is that we do not have deep pockets or VC funding like other crypto outlets out there to spend on advertising to get your attention.  

For that very reason, we are giving away stuff with tremendous value for FREE so that our work becomes our advertisement.  

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5 Cryptos for the Next Decade

5 cryptos 100x

There are only a few cryptos that will be around in the coming years.  Most will die due to lack of execution or funding, or both.  We have handpicked 5 Cryptos that we believe have the best chance to survive in the coming decade and grow exponentially.  

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We have been tracking the most important blockchain and crypto news since 2017. We are logging the blockchain and crypto history as it is made.  Our subscribers get only the most important blockchain and crypto news each week.

We have been logging blockchain and crypto history since 2017 and you can check it out to see how things have unfolded in building the decentralized future. 

Unlike the other crypto gurus and outlets, we do not bombard your email with promotions and clickbait subject lines.

Our subscribers get ONE (or two) email with all the important blockchain and crypto news updates. GREAT VALUE – ZERO SPAM.

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