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Cindicator. Why are we excited about its future and why you should take a note?

There are few projects out there that have great use case for blockchain.  And very few that have use case for their tokens.

Cindicator meets use case for both blockchain and the tokens.

This project has been on our radar since its ICO stage.  The way the ICO was handled without pulling a pre-sale bull and giving opportunity to as many contributors as possible set this project in the right rhythm from the get go.

They run monthly contests for people to share their knowledge, as of this writing, there were 100,000 contributors on Cindicator platform.

How does Cindicator predict the future?

Cindicator gets its name from Crowd Indicator.  At the time of this writing, there are three layers that are fed into the Cindicator engine.

Human contributors are the first base layer of the Cindicator machine.  People, like you and me, can join the forces with 100000s of contributors by downloading the app and answering the questions that are posed on the app.  Based on the accuracy of your predictions you will get points and rewards during each cycle.

The data from these contributors is then clustered into various categories.

Second layer involves applying linear regression models to the data that is categorized from first layer.  There are about 20 models running at this time.

Neural network forms the third layer which works on top of the 20 models from the second layer.  Neural network continues to learn from the data that is spit out of these models and then apply machine learning (AI) that quickly sorts the accuracy.

Each prediction is compared against the result.  This information is then fed back into second layer and third layer to further the learning of the system.

A perfect meaning of hybrid intelligence, amalgamation of human intelligence, mathematics and AI based machine learning is what makes Cindicator unique.

How accurate is it?

We have to understand that Cindicator is still in early stages of collecting and collating data, algorithm is evolving each day and the neural network is just getting into gear.  Even in such an infancy, they had an average accuracy of (Between January 2017 and June 2017) over 49%.  Remember, June 2017 was about a year ago.  They are continuously updating the platform and adjusting it for the changing complexities and variables.

The predictive analysis tools that Wallstreet uses costs billions (yes, billions) and only spits out 40% accuracy.  Funny thing is, access to such information is centralized and is kept with big players only.  Cindicator is completely decentralized and gives access to data to token holders.

Rare access to Wall Street money

Recently, Cindicator announced that their CTO will be speaking at Tedx Fidelity event in Hong Kong.   While at the event, Yuri is scheduled to talk to the senior management at Fidelity.

This hints to what might be ahead of Cindicator.  As the Wallstreet players set their foot into crypto space, Cindicator will play a very vital role for these deep pockets.

While no one has ever even hinted or thought about this, we will go out of our limb and say Cindicator maybe one of the projects that could potentially be taken over by a big player and try to make its access more centralized.  Even if those that acquire Cindicator don’t centralize, if they can buy out the token holders one by one, there will be few that have access to the intelligence that Cindicator can offer and those that manage to keep their access may benefit along the lines of big players.  Of course, this is pure speculation from us, but it is not a stretch IF Cindicator delivers on their plans and emerges as the leader in the AI enabled predictive analysis space.

How does the Cindicator token gain value?

Cindicator offers access to the amazing market intelligence data based on number of tokens one holds.  These plans include:

A special mention is needed for Cryptometer 2.2: “The Cryptometer 2.2 measures prices across multiple exchanges to anticipate and detect early signs of cryptocurrency market volatility and provides you with real-time price movements on your selected crypto assets.”  Cryptometer 2.2 requires 1 million tokens and will be amazing tool to have at the disposal of those that are dealing in millions or even billions in crypto space or traditional stock space.

While there are 1.4Billion tokens in total, when the platform gains popularity, there will be so much demand to gain access to the predictive data that getting hands on token could prove rather expensive.

For instance, if we assume all the 1.4Billion are used up by each package then there can be only 280,000 Beginner packages (5000 tokens required) OR 46,667 Explorer packages (30,000 tokens required) OR 7000 Trader packages (200,000 tokens required) OR 2000 Expert packages (700,000 tokens required) OR 1400 Cryptometer 2.0 packages (1 Million tokens required) that can exist.  These are elite numbers when you consider how many individuals are already in crypto space and how many more will join this in the coming years.

If Cindicator’s predictions achieve more than 50% overall accuracy rates, these limited seats could create exponential demand for Cindicator tokens.

Where is Cindicator headed?

Once Cindicator achieves a reliable and consistent predictive analysis stature, they will introduce a direct trading integration on the Cindicator platform.  To be fair, this feature is already available for Cryptometer 2.0 token holders.

Imagine a time when a platform that can predict 50-70% or more accuracy starts auto-trading your funds and it wins most of the time.  It is like putting $1000 on auto-pilot and coming back to see that your funds have multiplied manifold in a matter of month.

Hypothetically, if you are given access to a platform that can turn your $1000 into $100,000 in a year, how much are you willing to pay for such access?  What if you are sitting on a billion dollars and want to throw a million to experiment with such a platform?

Think about those questions because those would be real questions that people and big players will be asking themselves in a very near future.  When that happens, things will get quite exciting for Cindicator in our opinion.

Of course, we are not saying this will happen today or not even in a year but it looks like a matter of ‘when’ rather than if, for Cindicator.

Caveat and conclusion

Of course, anything can happen in the crypto space.  There can come a project that is backed by a Fortune 500 giant with direct access to Wallstreet and unlimited resources and throw Cindicator out of water.  Or, their algorithm may be made redundant and is not as accurate as we thought it would be.    These and other risks that we may have not thought of might exist which could prove detrimental to Cindicator.

However, barring those pessimistic probabilities, we are pretty excited for Cindicator and the promise of bright future it holds in crypto space.


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