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“We have the potential to clear out 20-25% of administrative obstruction through blockchain” Says Michael Dershem | WCC 2019

Blockchain in Healthcare wcc 2019

Michael Dershem, Founder and CEO of MAPay, LLC took up the keynote speech at the Upending Medicine: A Pragmatic Approach to Blockchain’s Role in Healthcare. 

Michael’s Keynote:

Starting off with his introduction, Micheal mentions his credentials as being a key player in the healthcare sector and one of the pioneers for the tech in Healthcare.

Pushing forward, he talks of how about 10-15% of the world’s budget is invested into healthcare and yet we are not in the clear. Illustrating the issues with an example, he brings up issues with his place in Philadelphia. How one could be just 2 blocks away from the best healthcare or 2 blocks away from something far frightening. 

A lot of people have ER as their primary healthcare which he thinks is interesting yet a very sad alternative. With the power of blockchain, he believes that we would remove 20-25% of the administrative roadblock that would lead to better facilities, cost points and much more. 

Humans are said to be inventors but in actuality, we just add one plus one for solutions. For instance, he says, if an individual were to have the ingredients required for curing parkinson’s disease, he goes home to have an “AHA!” moment, it is not like he is the inventor. We now have IBM’s Watson who could do that. We are but breadcrumb followers which an AI could easily follow.

But an ideal healthcare system would perhaps be something like this. Maybe we could train some code to create and place a 3D printed Heart that would tick forever. We can even reward the participants who took the implants with tokens because they essentially avoided future ER rooms or other surgeries. At the same time, Micheal says he prefers the personal touch of a doctor who wishes him “How are you” post surgery because a human connection is always more than tech.

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