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Bitcoin Under Attack: Beware of the Mainstream Media FUD

Bitcoin under attack

There is a reason why many businessmen own media companies as well. This is true for politicians as well.

In India, a lot of News channels are now owned (directly or under assumed names) by politicians.


Power of the media can sway the masses to do your bidding.

Whether it is to change your opinion on a certain politician or making you try that new ‘super-food’ or even FOMO you into buying into an investment.

Media can help manipulate the masses to do the masters’ bidding.

Now, those who own many of these media outlets are invested into mainstream investments like stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, etc.,

They know the threat bitcoin poses to their investments, especially financial sector investments like banks.

Don’t kid yourself about media transparency

Media will find any rhetoric they can use to sway the masses away from Bitcoin. Whether it is scaring people about the volatility or hackers or anti-social elements that use Bitcoin.

They let the bitcoin be as long as it is crashing or staying under a certain market cap.

As soon as bitcoin starts flapping its wings – these forces come back to attack it.

Now that Bitcoin is officially making the moves to the upside, we have started seeing the FUD posts from many outlets.

Some of the experts they call to support their rhetoric are genuine people but they are conned into playing into the ‘agenda’ of the media.

Lure of the alternatives

social media presenceLet’s say you have $1000 to invest and you are contemplating investing it in Bitcoin.

You see a FUD piece on your favorite news channel who promptly remind you why gold is a better store of value or how stocks have been on a growth trajectory etc.,

All the media has to do is get you to invest $1000 in the traditional assets.

Once you part your $1000 into gold or stocks, you have no money left to invest in Bitcoin and next time you check the price it goes from $3000 to $16000 and now you really don’t want to invest in such an inflated asset.

As the price climbs higher and higher, you regret not investing but now you are scared that 2017 will repeat and your investment will go down if you get into Bitcoin at these high prices.

If you had spent time in researching yourself without getting FUDed by the media, you would have used dollar cost averaging and invested in bitcoin along with other conservative assets so that you would have skin in the game.

Dollar cost averaging

Dollar Cost AverageObviously, being a crypto site we will always praise bitcoin. It is our niche imperative and agenda.

You shouldn’t believe us.  

You shouldn’t believe media outlets either without first enquiring their agenda. Who owns these media outlets and where are they invested in?

If your research shows that Bitcoin is a great investment with potential, you can start investing in it using dollar cost averaging.  That is, investing $100 here and $100 there at regular intervals using spare money.

Under dollar cost averaging individuals invest money that they are comfortable losing. They gamify the investment.

When you gamify your bitcoin investment approach, the volatility will not bother you as much and you would not lose your shirt if bitcoin did tank.

Watch out

No one wants you to gain financial freedom (may be except you and your family).  If you are financially free, you will not participate in the cacophony of modern life slavery.

All the financial institutions that called Bitcoin a scam are now creating vehicles to invest in Bitcoin. One financial institution called it a modern day store of value while another predicted a $300,000 price point by the end of 2021.

The only thing that changed is that these institutions are finding ways to profit from bitcoin trading.

Good news is that masses have not joined the Bitcoin movement yet. Once Bitcoin becomes an option on Fidelity retirement or other traditional vehicles, there will be a lot of cash flow into Bitcoin’s market cap, in our opinion.  

In our view, a $5 trillion bitcoin market cap is a clear possibility before 2030. That puts the price of each bitcoin at $270,000 from its current $18,250 (at the time of writing). 

Our numbers are much more conservative than the bank that predicted $300,000 by the end of 2021.

If you think you can find an asset that has that kind of upside potential then you should invest there. 

In our opinion, bitcoin offers a way to be financially secure (if not financially free) through modest investments.

We believe in real estate and Bitcoin. You should DYOR and invest in what you believe.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We appreciate you.

Stay safe and healthy!

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