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Last updated: 19-July-2020


This page is continuously updated with Movies, TV Series and Documentaries that either are about Bitcoin and Crypto or mention them. You can sort by category or year or simply search for whatever you are looking for. If we missed any of your favorites that mention bitcoin or crypto – give us a shout and we will add it to the list.



NameCategoryDescriptionYearTrailerStreaming On
Crypto Movie
Movie"No phone number, no email address, just $10 Million
in cryptocurrencies," the craze of Bitcoin and Crypto
starts right from the trailer in this movie aptly titled.
Don't expect it to sing praises for crypto though!
2019Crypto MovieAmazon Prime
Bitcoin heist
Bitcoin Heist
MovieHow do you steal from the king of hackers?
How do you Bitcoin that is supposed to be
anonymous? Unorthodox missions need unorthodox approach and that's what this movie is about.
2016Amazon Prime
Startup Tv Series on Bitcoin
TV Series"I think this is not only the new darknet but it could be
the new internet", wise words, and the story picks up
with GenCoin that acts as the alternative currency for
the underworld of Miami. This Crackle's series was well received.
2018Amazon Prime
Unfriended 2018
MovieYou won't expect anything more creepy or gore from the creators of The Purge and this movie certainly has all the 'cringy' material that you expect. This movie revolves around the darkweb and has mentions of Cryptos!2018Amazon Prime
Silicon Valley on Bitcoin
Silicon Valley
TV SeriesConnecting the concept of Aristotle's concept of
Sound Money with Bitcoin on a powerpoint
presentation to the dialogue of "everyday I hear about Bitcoin bubble" to "Even if we create less...we will have
the that VCs cannot fire you from your
own company," this gem of a series has all the Nerd factors!
2014Amazon Prime
The Second Target
The Second Target
Movie"Before the invention of Cryptocurrencies he
developed a device that would mine...private keys and
code to unlock..." was that what got him kidnapped?
What more - this movie was made by a student with his iPhone and pocket change!
2019Amazon Prime
The Pitts Circus
The Pitts Circus Family
MovieGoofy, awkward and quite frankly on this list because
it was the first Ethereum funded token using
Ethereum Venture Token.
2017Ethereum Movie Venture
Dope 2015 crypto
MoviePeople still regret to not have listened to the wisdom
of Malcolm (character in the movie) to buy bitcoin.
Well, that was that. Still, Dope is wickedly funny-off the
edge-teenage-drug-fiasco movie that mentioned
Bitcoin. Also, fun fact, this was the first movie to
accept bitcoin for ticket purchases
– talk about new-age!
2015Amazon Prime
Simpsons cryptocurrency
The Simpsons - Frinkcoin
TV SeriesSimpsons is known to predict the future with every detail. In this episode "Professor Frink invents a cryptocurrency that makes him the richest man in Springfield, a title Mr. Burns has no intention of giving up." Is this an actual depiction of real world where conventional billionaires are worried about crypto wealth?2020Youtube
The Hustle
The Hustle
Movie"Two con women - one low rent and the other high class - team up to take down the men who have wronged them." Source: IMDB2019Amazon Prime
How to sell drugs online fast
How to Sell Drugs Online Fast
TV SeriesThis NetFlix original about a 17 year old nerd who dreams to be a boss and how he chooses the path
of drugs, just not using them but selling them.
Plenty references to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in this series
Superfly movie Crypto

MovieThe movie is about a drug dealer who is on his last
big mission before retiring. “I swap cash for crypto
and redefine the hustle” is the dialogue from the movie that stayed up in my mind.
2018Amazon Prime
Bitcoin The end of money as we know it
Bitcoin The end of
money as we know it
DocumentaryWith a rating of 7 on IMDB this movie was ahead of all Bitcoin and Crypto related movies/documentaries. You can even watch this on YouTube for free with simple search (at least in the US)2015Amazon Prime
Cryptopia Bitcoin Blockchains and the Future of the Internet
Cryptopia Bitcoin Blockchains
and the Future of the internet
DocumentaryFrom the Director of Bitcoin (2015) comes another investigative and almost 'matter of fact' look at everything Crypto, blockchain and Web 3.02019Cryptopia Film
Monero Means Money Cryptocurrency 101
Monero Means Money: Cryptocurrency 101
DocumentaryThis is nothing more than a lecture that was released as a movie (a daring act in its own right) and even was listed on Box Office because theaters were empty due to COVID issue at the time. This is for the history books of Crypto. [Link shows entire movie]2020Youtube
MovieWhat's more viral than the popularity of Bitcoin? How about how it has changed the world for better or worse? In this movie about Bitcoin heist - all bets are off!2017Kino on Demand
Inside the Cryptocurrency Revolution Vice HBO special
Inside the Cryptocurrency
Revolution | Vice HBO special
DocumentaryThis short clip throws light on why Vitalik is a big deal in Russia and how Russia is engaging Vitalik’s technology prowess to gain supremacy in the Blockchain space.2019Youtube
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
The Rise and Rise of
Documentary"Government can bring as many guns as they want - they cannot change the math" this documentary is a great primer for anyone interested in Bitcoin or just want a reminder of how this all got started (and why)2014Amazon Prime
Banking on Bitcoin
Banking on
DocumentaryWhy do we need to unbank ourselves from traditional system and become our own bank? Watch this Documentary that goes deep into the value of Bitcoin in liberating people from reliance on traditional (fcked up) banking system.2016Amazon Prime
Cryptocurrencies Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Cryptocurrencies Last
Week Tonight
with John Oliver
TV SeriesCONFESSION: We are hardcore fans of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and this particular episode on Cryptocurrencies was a delight. It is not all rosy about Cryptos but we don't care - John makes everything entertaining!2018Youtube
Blockchain City - The Future Cities Driven by Blockchain
Blockchain City -
The Future Cities Driven by Blockchain
DocumentaryHow is Dubai embracing Blockchain to transform the way the city operates as it paves way for the future of a BLOCKCHAIN CITY. Great insight into Estonia's investment in the digital world. Impact of Blockchain on the digital assets.2019Youtube
Blockchain and us
Blockchain and us
DocumentaryThis documentary is broken down into 8 Chapters starting with First Contact with Blockchain to Blockchain and us being the last chapter; In between it covers many aspects of 'What is Blockchain Technology', Blockchain and Banks, etc., This documentary has many Blockchain Celebrities including Alex Tapscott, Caitlin Long, and more!2017Youtube
George Gilder: Forget Cloud Computing, Blockchain is the Future
George Gilder: Forget Cloud Computing, Blockchain is the Future
DocumentaryNot strictly a documentary but still worth the watch for all those who are invested or interested in blockchain. George Gilder talked about internet and smartphones before they became a thing and now he is talking about "Life AFTER Google" and proposes Blockchain as the next frontier. The use of the term 'cryptocosm' is incomplete without George Gilder.2018Youtube


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