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Best FREE Crypto Newsletters [2020]

Best Crypto NewsLetter

Newsletters are a great way to stay in the know. With 5500 cryptos and growing in the market, newsletters can help stay informed without getting bogged down.  

In this article we will present to you what in our opinion are some of the best crypto newsletters…

Off The Chain / now / The Pomp Letter

Off The Chain has rebranded to The Pomp Letter. For anyone who has been in the crypto space for any length of time would have heard about Anthony Pompliano. He runs a very successful business that is paving way for the masses into crypto.  He appears on television quite frequently and carries the torch for the crypto space.  Pomp, as he is known in the crypto circles, gives you his piece of mind without sugar coating it.  Pomp is a professional voice with love for Crypto.

Frequency: few times a weekunchained newsletter


With a tagline of “Crypto smart in minutes”, unbankd is probably the most sophisticatedly simple interface right from the subscription page to the newsletter itself.  

Frequency: daily

unbankd Newsletter

Forbes Crypto Confidential

Forbes features a lot of great articles on blockchain and crypto. However, if you only want to receive the best of Forbes then Forbes Crypto Confidential is a newsletter for you. It is a nice way to get handpicked Forbes articles on blockchain and crypto. While most of the newsletter lists news pieces from Forbes, they also have a ‘Elsewhere’ column that picks a couple of stories from outside Forbes.

Frequency: Weekly

Forbes Crypto Confidential

Marty’s Bent

Somewhat off the cuff pick this one.  Marty’s Bent has a gothic vibe to it, in our opinion, but the content is simple and to the point. No hyperbole or ‘expert’ sound bites, Uncle Marty (that’s how he refers himself) outright tells you that he is not an expert but shares what he ‘understands’ of the technology.  With a focus on lightning networks – the articles surround Bitcoin and lightning network updates.  If you are a bitcoin fan – you should check out Marty’s Bent.

Frequency: Daily

Marty Bent Newsletter


Get one email per week with investing, news and trending stories. CoinSnacks also shares exclusive content along with ‘need-to-know’ news from the crypto space.

Frequency: weekly

Coinsnacks Newsletter

Token Economy

Token Economy is one of the popular newsletters out there.  We almost skipped it but looking at their tagline “Making sense of the latest in crypto-land: cryptocurrencies, blockchains, ICOs, dapps & the growing token economy,” we had to include it on the list.  At the time of this writing their subscription page was not loading, however, you can visit their home page to get subscribed.

Token economy newsletter


Yes, we do think our newsletter deserves a spot here. That is not a plug – we have already crossed 500+ subscribers without any paid advertising because we scour through a lot of news pieces and only handpick the ones that have an impact on Blockchain and Crypto space’s movement.  We have chronicled MOST IMPORTANT blockchain and crypto news since 2017 so you can log the history in the making.  Our subscribers get weekly news digests, free eBooks, tax alerts and more! For FREE.  Check out what our awesome crypto tribe gets for subscribing.

Frequency: Once a week or less

Cryptotapas newsletter

MIT Technology Review Newsletters

There are few to choose from this prestigious catalogue. The brand of MIT speaks for itself and their newsletters are different from others on this list.  They do not cover just blockchain and crypto, they cover blockchain and crypto along with a broader Technology landscape.  Here is a list of newsletters, all free to sign up, currently available (click on any tile to go to the subscription page).

MIT Technology review newsletter

We have skipped the Coronavirus newsletter but if you are interested you can check it out here.

Did we miss any of your free crypto news letters?  If so, let us know via comment.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. Stay safe and healthy!


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