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Brave is fixing the current broken web and you can help fuel this revolution

Brave Browser

Privacy is compromised every day.  From a simple act of accessing your emails to searching something on google.

Every browser activity is tracked, tagged and sold to the highest bidding advertisers.  And the beneficiaries?  Big tech giants like Google.

Users are exploited every second.
Highlight and Share any textThis is toxic system has been in existence for as long as Google and other tech giants have. Everyone accepted this as ‘the way things are supposed to be’.

Brave is changing that status quo.

Brave Browser acts as your personal ‘guard’ of personal-private information, helps curb sneaky trackers from intruding your privacy and hands over the reigns of your browsing preferences back into your hands.

Brave Browser rewards the users for their ‘time’ for viewing the ads.  This is accomplished by their own native cryptocurrency aptly called “Basic Attention Token (BAT)”.

Why should we trust Brave?

Brendan Eich who is the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, the browsers that revolutionised the privacy aspect.

Brendan describes Brave Browser as “Blockchain based digital advertising” solution. A solution that aims at eliminating data wastage, improve privacy, hand the controls back to users on what ads they view and reward the users and content creators.

You could be spending about 79% of your data on ads, that is without your permission.  That means, you – the user, is paying to view ads for which you are not getting paid.

Brave Browser turns this issue on its head.

Not only that you can avoid wasting your data on ads that you did not choose to watch, you will be rewarded BAT for the ads you do opt-in to view.

Not only that, you can even reward the content creators of your choice (as long as they are verified Brave Publisher, like CryptoTapas) without spending a dime from your own pocket.

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new unit of exchange between publishers, advertisers and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain. The value of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a person’s focused mental engagement.

What makes Brave Browser unique?

Brave Browser is an open source project.

Blocking ads is a default mode on Brave Browser.  Your browsing activity will not be tracked from one site to another, so your browsing modalities will not be recorded or exploited for targeted ads.

Brave promises to increase 2x browsing speed on desktop and by 7x on mobile phones.

Introduction to Brave Privacy & Adblocker Browser

The Brave browser is faster, safer and ad-free. Brave protects your privacy, blocks and tracking, and shields against malware and other threats. Plus it provides a blockchain-based token solution for rewarding your favorite publishers.

IF that’s not enough, you can always use TOR extension over Brave Browser that makes your web-browsing totally anonymous.

Brave also supports Chrome extensions without passing on your information to Google.  So you can enjoy the Chrome extension features on Brave Browser seamlessly without compromising your privacy.

You should be paid for your attention, with Brave, you will

Paid for viewingIn addition to the above features, Brave Browser also offers you a unique opportunity to ‘opt-in’ to watch ads of your preference that pop-up on your browser corner.  IF you click on the ad, it opens up on a separate tab.  You will then be rewarded BAT for your time and attention.

You can use BAT to either tip your favorite content creators or to buy subscriptions.

Of the total ad spend on Brave Browser, 70% is paid to the users (that means you).


Blocking intruders and rewarding the content creators at the same time

The content you consume on the internet is created by content creators.  They rely on advertising revenue.

When Brave Browser disables unwanted ads and trackers to protect your privacy, these content creators lose revenue.  To help make up for this loss of revenue, Brave rewards the content creators with BAT.  You can also tip the content creators with Brave right from your browser (more on that later).

Google just gave a big reason to make the switch easier

Google announced that it will make the ‘ad blocking’ chrome extensions available only to enterprise users. This will mean that users (except enterprise users) will not be able to restrict downloading unwanted data.  

Revolutionary solutions like Brave are a threat to Google’s interest which lies in facilitating advertisement.  By taking away the ability to ‘avoid’ ads – google has once again made its intentions clear.

This move from google might propel lot of users to alternative solutions like Brave.  We are talking about a pool of 2 Billion Chrome users who could flock to Brave (or Firefox) who are affected by this move from google.

Democratizing ads and increasing ROI for Advertisers at the same time

Brave Browser offers the users to opt-in to view an ad or skip it altogether.   When you do view an ad, you are rewarded with BAT.

Advertisers will get great mileage for their ad spend because – people are not waiting to ‘skip ad’, instead, they have opted-in to view specific ads, which translates to more engaged audience and a greater ROI.

Browsing is just the beginning

brave browser browsingBATs will eventually be integrated into chat apps, social platforms, and other outlets to broaden its utility.

More platforms mean more demand and that should help increase BATs inherent value as a token.  BAT promises to be one of the best blockchain projects with real user base that’s increase by the day.

Many prominent media outlets have already joined the Brave Browser movement. The fact that Coinbase is now rewarding users for downloading Brave Browser from Coinbase platform itself shows the reach of Brave Browser and BAT’s penetration.

With seamless integration, reputed publishers, engaged audience and greatest ROI anywhere, Brave Browser might pave the way to a truly decentralized content reward system.

How to reward your favorite content creators?

Step 1:  First, install Brave Browser.  You can use our referral link.

Step 2:  Go to the Brave Rewards section of from the settings, as shown below.
how to get Brave Rewards

Step 3: Once on the Brave Rewards page, simply choose which websites you want to tip your BAT to.  BAT is granted to you each month for you to be able to tip. You also earn BAT for your time viewing the ads on the Brave Browser.

  • In the below screenshot, you can see your wallet balance (1), amount you earned viewing ads on the Brave browser (2), you have the option to select auto-contribute each month on a scheduled date (3) and finally the sites that are you are contributing to each month (4).

You can delete the sites automatically listed in the Auto-Contribute area.  You can simply delete the sites you don’t want to contribute to.
Brave Rewards Dashboard

Tip your favorite publishers

You can even tip your favorite publishers, as long as they are verified publishers on the Brave Browser. For instance, CryptoTapas is a verified publishers on Brave. You can send tips to any publishers from within the browser.

Simply click on the BAT logo (1) on the browser.  You will be able to instantly verify if the publisher is verified or not.  You can then send tip right from the browser by clicking ‘SEND A TIP’ button (2).

Brave Verified Publisher Website

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