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We both have full-time jobs that bring meals to the table and we are tired by the end of the day like most of you who know the drudgery.  Believe us when we say it takes a lot of discipline to research and keeping ourselves up-to-date while working at a full-time job that takes 12-14 hours of our days. And we do it for the love of Crypto and money, in that order.

We are not here to kid you, we got into crypto for money and we lost a lot of it in exchange for lessons that we freely (and unashamed) share with our readers.  We stayed in spite of the losses because we see Blockchain and Crypto’s potential to disrupt. That potential excites us and gives us the energy to move forward in spite of being clawed by the bear.

RK Reddy is an ardent fan of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. You can see the excitement about this new blockchain technology in every article on Sometimes this excitement leads to an overly optimistic view. Guilty as charged. RK Reddy says “what may seem like an ‘overly optimistic expectation’ today may become an everyday norm in 5-10 years; look at the history of cars or airplanes, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies belong to a similar frame of reference.”  Of course, that is just his opinion.

Crypto is our caffeine. We stay late nights, spend our weekends and even take a vacation just to sit in front of computer to learn and share. That is why our name, Crypto Tapas, is pretty apt (also, we couldn’t cough out 5 Grand for cryptobrothers domain name!).


Tapas has two distinct meanings.  One from Spanish which means “small plates for sharing” and another from Sanskrit which means “discipline”.  And we freely share what we research with discipline.

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