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82% of the Fortune 100 have explored Blockchain, here are the details!

Fortune 100

While the FOMO continues in the bearish crypto landscape at the time of this writing, a Blockchain revolution is quietly sweeping over the business landscape. Over 82% of the Fortune 100 companies have either implemented, invested or at least explored the use case of Blockchain in their businesses.

Yes 82%.

In this article, we will show you the list of things that Fortune 100 companies are working on with links to the information that show what specifically these companies are working on in the blockchain space.

Financial industry seems to be at the center of the Blockchain adoption raking 18% followed by Energy and Technology sectors both of which take up 15%.  Automobile, Insurance, Telecom and Healthcare industries are following the suit.

Fortune 100

Below you will find the complete list of these 82 out of Fortune 100 companies that have poked Blockchain in one form or another.  All information is source linked for you to verify and read at your leisure.

1. Walmart

Walmart is implementing blockchain for its food businesses.

2. State Grid

The State Grid Corporation of India is using blockchain technolgy to impove data sharing.

5. Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch says Blockchain will revolutionize and disrupt oil industry to trillion Dollar Industry.

6. Toyota Motor

Toyota seeks blockchain technology in developing Self Driving Cars.

7. Volkswagen

Volkswagen implements and backs Blockchain technology to drive the automobile industry to a new level.

8. BP

BP, formerly known as British petroleum has announced that they will be partnering with blockchain startups which are running ICO’s and also have already tested the tokens internally.

9. Exxon Mobil

Big names in Oil Industry are looking forward to blockchain patents, as they see the potential.

10. Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathway is planning to utilise blockchain technology for shipping freights.

11. Apple

Apple’s Co founder is considering to implement blockchain technology.

12. Samsung Electronics

Samsung looks into blockchain to track their worldwide shipments and also believes it might reduce the costs.

13. Mckesson

Mckesson implementing blockchain and forecast a better future for healthcare IT solutions with blockchain.

14. Glencore

World’s largest producers of Cobalt are considering the implementation of blockchain technology, but its not being confirmed yet.

15. United Health Group

On April 2 2018 United health group has confirmed its usage of blockchain, to maintain and keep the date up to date.

16. Daimler

Daimler and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg(LBBW) together have successfully tested and using blockchain technology.


Amazon web services teams up with ethereum blockchain to make it easier for its customers with a service called Kaleido.

20. AT&T

AT&T, One of the leading telecom industries of United States gets awarded a patent for a server fueled by Blockchain.

21. General Motors

General Motors along with other leaidng automobile manufacturers are deploying Blockchain technology.

22. Ford Motor

Ford Motor along with other leaidng automobile manufacturers are deploying Blockchain technology.

24. Hon Hai Precision Industry/ FOXCONN

Foxconn’s Venture capital has joined a 7 Million Dollar Series A round in aCambridge Blockchain startup.

25. AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen and Merck & Co to extend their usage of blockchain technology to track the geneuinity of medicines.

26. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Yi Huiman, The Chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has announced that their focus is now on using blockchain technology.

27. AXA

Leading Insurance giant is making plans to offer insurance using blockchain with Fizzy.

29. Ping An Insurance

Leading Insurance company groups, has let out a ‘white paper on smart cities’ support blockchain and AI technologies.

30. Honda Motor

Along with other giant Automakers have presented many innovative new technologies at the auto expo’s and Blackchain as been the prominent technology displayed by most.

31. China Construction Bank

IBM along with China Construction Bank(Asia) in Hong Kong are working on a Bankassurance (Bank+Insurance) Blockchain Project to improve the data transmission and Speed.

32. Trafigura Group

IBM, Naxatis and Trafigura implement blockchain solution for US crude oil businesses.

34. Cardinal Health

Potential and usage of Blockchain is beyond bitcoin and can improve the security of Pharma, according to Cardinal Health.

35. Costco

Food companies such as Nestle, Walmart and Costco are working with IBM on a Blockchain to safeguard global food supply network.

36. SAIC Motor

SAIC motors in collaborations with Link-up, a tech firm exploring Blockchain technology.

37. Verizon

“Increasingly, our enterprise customers want to effectively leverage blockchain to meet the security demands from their customers. They are looking for proven, reliable solutions and Verizon is recognized as a market leader in managed security services. Combining our security expertise with Guardtime’s blockchain platform offers customers an advanced solution.”
Alex Schlager, executive director security services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

38. Allianz

Oliver Volk, a blockchain expert at Allianz’s said: “Yes, we are thinking about a kind of Allianz token whereby money coming in will be converted to a token,” he told CoinDesk.

39. Kroger

Kroger, Wlamart and many other food supply chains are working with IBM on Blackchain Platform for food safety.

40. Agricultural Bank of China

Agricultural Bank of China is testing blockchain to provide Land-Backed Loans.

41. General Electric

According to them, Blockchain is beyond just bitcoin and has a huge potential to enhance wherever applicable.

42. China Life Insurance

Ms Yang Xiaoyuan, General Manager, Shenzhen Service Center, China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited, commented, “Blockchain is a cutting-edge financial technology, which enables decentralization, transparency and immutability.

44. BNP Paribas

The bank successfully processed payments using blockchain technology.

46. Bank of China

Bank of China’s CIO, Liu Qiuwan, announced that they are increasing their investments into Blockchain, IoT and FinTechn space.

47. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Apart from applying for patents (like other financial institutions) JP Morgan has taken the game up a notch by offering a Blockchain platform specifically to serve Financial industry.

48. Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae is rumored to be exploring the possibilities of bringing Blockchain capabilities to its mortgage business.

49. Gazprom


50. Prudential

In a press release Prudential announced that “Prudential and StarHub to launch blockchain-based digital trade platform to support growth aspirations of SMEs”.

51. BMW Group

BMW piloted a project to track mileage of their leased vehicles using Blockchain technology.

52. Alphabet

Bloomberg reported that Google (owned by Alphabet) was working on its own Blockchain related project.

53. China Mobile Communications

China Mobile became one of the 3 major telecom companies to join the Trusted Blockchain consortium.

54. Nissan Motor

Nissan’s Global CIO joined Loyakk’s Blockchain project as an advisor.

55. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone

Nippon applied for a patent to store new contract agreements on Blockchain to avoid them from being tampered with.

57. Home Depot

Home Depot is among the sponsors of Microsoft Blockchain for Supply Chain initiative at Auburn University.

59. Assicurazioni Generali

Generali is among the insurance companies that have come together to form a startup called B3I to explore the benefits of Blockchain for insurance industry.

60. Bank of America Corp.

Bank of America had filed for over 43 patents in the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency space as of January 2018.

62. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is among the Banking giants to make the run to file for patents related to blockchain and tokenization.

63. Lukoil

Lukoil became one of the first energy companies to accept Bitcoin (back in 2015).

64. Boeing

Boeing disclosed its plan to develop blockchain enabled unmanned vehicles.

65. Siemens

“Siemens’ investment in LO3 represents our acknowledgement of the future potential of blockchain technology as an enabler of local energy market places,” says Ralf Christian, CEO Siemens Energy Management.

68. Carrefour

Carrefour became launched Europe’s first food blockchain.

69. Nestle

Nestle joined the Food Trust (IBM initiative of supply chain management to help track food from farm to table) to help tracking and traceability in their supply chain.

70. Anthem

“ Partners with Anthem to Introduce Groundbreaking, End-to-End Data Trial Powered by Artificial Intelligence on the Blockchain” reads news headlines.

71. Microsoft

Microsoft has been working diligently in the Blockchain space. Their Azure platform is quite an household name in the Blockchain industry.

72. Huawei Investment & Holding

Huawei launched their Cloud services on Blockchain. They even have a dedicated page that shows various service offerings connected to Blockchain on their site.

73. Petrobras

“Petrobas is conducting a study and designing scenarios for the [Blockchain] technology’s implementation” reads their official disclosure that was made in April 2018.

75. Bosch Group

Early in 2018, Bosch confirmed investment in IoTA (Internet of Things) project and disclosed their plans to explore Blockchain solutions.

76. Citigroup

In May of 2017 Citi announced that “Nasdaq and Citi Announce Pioneering Blockchain and Global Banking Integration”.

77. Banco Santander

“Santander becomes first UK bank to introduce blockchain technology for international payments with the launch of a new app” reads their site.

78. Hyundai Motor

While other companies are thinking about utilizing Blockchain, Hyundai beat them all by taking it to next level – they had their own Initial Coin Offering and issued HDAC Tokens which will be used on Hyundai’s own HDAC Blockchain.

79. Hitachi

“Hitachi has been developing unique additional functions for financial institutions, leveraging our past experience in building financial core systems along with expertise gained from research into technologies such as security and distributed data processing technologies” reads their blockchain section.

80. Comcast

Comcast believes that future will see world with multiple blockchain technologies serving different industries and needs. It has invested 3.3 million dollars of seed money in Blockdaemon, a NYC based startup.

81. Deutsche Telekom

“I’m convinced that the blockchain isn‘t hype. It’s a potentially revolutionary technology. It creates an incorruptible, decentralized ledger that automatically verifies and monitors identities, contracts and transactions.” says François Fleutiaux, member of the T-Systems Board of Management.

82. Credit Agricole

Crédit Agricole experimenting with Ripple blockchain money transfer technology.

83. ENEI

“The blockchain, even in its most common form (payment systems), could have an impact on Enel in the future considering that it has over 60 million customers and every day it is engaged in trading on the commodities market” according to the article on their company’s website.

84. SK Holdings

South Korean Telco SK Telecom will adopt blockchain into subscriptions and payments from consumers.

85. Softbank Group

SoftBank, Synchronoss and TBCASoft partner on a Proof of Concept for an RCS and blockchain-based mobile payments service.

88. Uniper

Uniper expects that Blockchain will help Energy companies immensely.

89. ENI

“The mechanism behind Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the distribution and access to energy. Eni is on the front line…” read the title of an interesting article on their site.

90. HSBC Holdings

HSBC succesfully executed a transaction on R3 Corda’s blockchain platform.

91. China Communications Construction

“Xiongan, in partnership with a subsidiary of state-owned China Communications Construction Company, has launched a blockchain network for small businesses to raise capital, where business owners and other relevant parties can track project completion and money flow in an efficient and transparent manner” reads the news article.

92. IBM

IBM wants to be at the forefront of Blockchain revolution, it is bringing HyperLedger to businesses. It has already succesfully implemented Food Trust with Walmart and has a solid team to support companies that are looking to implement Hyperledger.

93. Dell Technologies.

Blockchain will not make sense for most use cases but for financial and health industries this could be a game changer, that was the essence of Dell CTO John Roese’s message.

94. Electricite De France

EDF is looking to bring the efficiencies of Blockchain to its business. It was also among the companies that joined Blockchain Energy Consortium along with Shell.

95. State Farm Insurance Cos.

State Farm is among the other insurance giants that is working with Plug and Play Insurance to leverage Blockchain’s capabilities to the insurance business.

97. Sony

Sony has applied for a patent to store digital files on Blockchain platforms called Distributed Rights Management (DRM) that could potentially disrupt industries making use of data such as movies, games, audio, academic data, etc., essentially disruption of all industries.

98. Sinochem Group

Sinochem Group has succesfully utilized Blockchain in its gasoline export.

100. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has had an positive outlook relating to emerging technologies. JLabs has had their eye on multiple new technology frontiers including blockchain.

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Fortune 100

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